Another Special PulpFest Sale!

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Aug 042012

Less than a week before the convention begins, we now get word that Ron Hanna, long-time fan and publisher of Wild Cat Books, will make PulpFest the site of what he’s calling “a Super-Special Clearance Sale.” Since he will soon be marrying (congratulations, Ron!) and moving across the country, Mr. Wild Cat will be selling the vast majority of his stock at $3.00 per book, with no limit on quantity.

In addition to publishing the fanzine Secret Sanctum, Ron was among the pioneers of what has been dubbed the “New Pulp” movement. Among the best-selling Wild Cat titles in his sale are Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing, and several different volumes of The Rook by Barry Reese (all first printings, not the new Pro Se Press reprint volumes). Also included in the sale will be Tales of the Norse Gods by Rob Morganbesser and Zombies in Time and Space by John L. French, in addition to “many issues” of Ron’s popular Startling Stories revival.

The only Wild Cat titles still being offered at their regular list prices are Ron’s two latest releases: the Summer 2012 issue of Startling Stories and Martin Powell’s The Halloween Legion. Otherwise, his clearance sale promises to be a golden opportunity for “New Pulp” fans and collectors attending the convention.

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