Apr 072015
(This post originally appeared on September 13, 2010.) This little indie comedy is another Movie I’d Never Heard Of, but as it often seems to turn out, it’s also a pretty good film. The protagonist is Dale Sweeney (David Allen Basche), a young man who hosts a middle-of-the-night call-in radio show on a small AM station in Florida. Dale’s callers are UFO nuts, conspiracy theorists, and all
Mar 312015
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. I like Hepburn in BRINGING UP BABY and THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, but that's about it. I enjoy Tracy's work a little more, especially in movies like BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK and INHERIT THE WIND. And I have to admit, they work well together in the movies where they teamed up. DESK SET is one of those I hadn't seen until now.
Mar 242015
(This post originally appeared on February 7, 2010.) I would have sworn that we watched every high school comedy movie made in the Eighties, but somehow we never got around to this one. It’s what I call a “bad day” movie, where things start out wrong for our decent, everyman hero Jerry Mitchell and keep getting worse as the day goes on. The low point, though, is when a new student who
Mar 172015
Like many of you reading this, I'd heard what a dreadful movie ALL ABOUT STEVE is and what a terrible misfire it was for Sandra Bullock, so we never watched it until now. And as happens many times, I'm left scratching my head in puzzlement. ALL ABOUT STEVE isn't a great movie by any means, but I thought it was a pretty decent one. Bullock plays a very intelligent but very eccentric crossword
Mar 102015
(This post originally appeared on March 28, 2010.) Somehow this movie came and went a dozen years ago without me ever hearing of it. It starts out like a Forties film noir: a guy (British actor Rufus Sewell) wakes up in a sleazy hotel room with no memory and a dead hooker. Even not knowing who he is or what happened, he’s smart enough to figure that he needs to get out of there, so he escapes
Mar 032015
(This post originally appeared on March 14, 2009) This movie is a good example of how out of sync I am with the critical establishment (and most of the viewing public, too, for that matter). It was roundly panned, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Yes, it’s hokey. Yes, it’s extremely predictable. I don’t care. It worked for me. That’s probably because it’s the sort of big, historical soap
Feb 242015
(This series is going to be in rerun mode most of the time for a while, but I'll try to get a new post in whenever I can. This post originally appeared on March 14, 2010.) This is another of those movies I’d never even heard of. It’s an indie romantic comedy, and as such, you’d expect it to be quirky. But this movie takes quirky to a whole other level. Speaking of quirky, the title character
Feb 172015
It's been well over forty years since I saw THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUB, and I'd forgotten what a pleasant little movie it is. Of course, with James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Jones heading the cast, it's no real surprise that this is a very enjoyable movie. Stewart and Fonda play Texas cowboys who are pretty content with their lives, but then Stewart gets a letter from a lawyer and
Feb 102015
(This post originally appeared on January 26, 2009.) I try to catch most of the World War II movies but missed this one when it came out. A young Russian soldier (Jude Law) becomes a sniper during the siege of Stalingrad and demoralizes the Germans so much that they bring in a sharpshooter of their own, an aristocrat played by Ed Harris. Most of the movie is a tense duel between the two as
Feb 032015
(I was going to try not to use any reruns in this series and Forgotten Books this year, but you know how that goes. Road to hell, good intentions, etc., etc. I made it for more than a month, though! This post originally appeared in slightly different form on January 11, 2008.) Okay, you may not believe me on this, but UNDERDOG is a pretty good little film. Sure, it’s a kid’s movie, and it’s