Nov 112014
12 Million Sale
Clive is summoned to the bedside of his sick father, but before he goes away he arranged for his cousin, Percy to escort Joan to safety. Percy is only too willing to perform the service. Joan is penniless and afraid to face the terrible anger of her father who will certainly kill her after her long absence.

Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances
Alexander Moring, LTD
January 1959
Printed in Paris France
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Apr 052013
Two Stories by Hank Janson

Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances (1917-1989)

Gaywood Press LTD
London England

New Fiction Press
Lilies For My Lovely
First Series
7th Edition

Torment For Trixie
Second Series
7th Edition

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Jul 292012
A deadly new twist to the game of espionage, blackmail, and seduction.
A high speed journey into terror and sudden death for British agent John Gail.
A tense, gripping spy story…dramatic, violent, absorbing!
John Gail’s new assignment focused on a highly respected, silver-haired British diplomat. It began with blackmail, with the help of a sealed camera, a two-way mirror, a vial of aphrodisiac, and a beautiful 15-year old who had a secret arsenal of erotic talents. The mission was planned to block a power play in Paris and prevent Europe from exploding into war. It seemed foolproof. But only a fool would trust a school girl when the fate of nations was at stake.
Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances
Original Title: The Sad And Tender Flesh
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation
Award Books
A 570X (1970)
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Jul 032012
England’s Best Selling Author
Follow The Man!
One don’t need a bloodhound to tell you that when you’re on to a good thing you stick to it. 
What’s the infallible recipe?
Experience, mainly. Before becoming a full time writer. Hank Janson packed a lifetime of adventure, romance, and thrills into the few years it took him to hit the top as a Chicago Crime Correspondent. A man with talent and a store house of experience like that never lacks the right kind of authentic inspiration.
Printing History
created by Stephen D Frances
Roberts and Vinter Ltd
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Jun 132012
British agent John Gail on a nerve-chilling assignment:
Destroy an elite society of sexual deviates plotting absolute world domination. 
An ingeniously macabre plot like nothing you’ve read before!

The Most Exclusive Club on Earth
Getting in is unlikely. It takes money, influence, and superhuman cunning.
Staying in is risky. It means submitting to an incredibly bizarre variety of sadistic sexual appetites
Getting out is suicide. Membership is for life, and attempting to quit means being hunted down and slaughtered like an animal.
Destroying is impossible. It’s made up of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in Britain.
Yet John Gail was expected to accomplish each of those tasks alone. At stake was the life of another agent, and the structure of civilized government.
Printing History
Written by Stephen D. Frances.
copyright 1968
Originally published in England by Mayflower Books Ltd. 
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Books
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Feb 292012
Amateur agent John Gail takes on a madman’s challenge,
in a bizarre mission that marks him as a target of both sides!
He had already lived through what most men could never survive. Now John Gail faces his most terrifying assignment. He has to guard the life of a beautiful and desirable woman, a woman pursued day and night by ruthless men. She was a priceless secret, too dangerous to fall into the hands of a power hungry man who can dictate his own terms to world governments. 
Once again British agent John Gail finds himself on a mission of madness and murder, a mission so mysterious that even he doesn’t know who is enemy is, or why. Only that the encounter, when it comes, will be dangerous, decisive, and deadly!
Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances
copyright 1966
Published by arrangement with Mayflower Books Ltd.
Award Books
A 602X (1970)
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