Aug 092014
Frontier doctors showed up as heroes in Western pulps from time to time, and here's a good example of one, right down to the title and the character's appearance on this cover by Sam Cherry. Bradford Scott, who was really A. Leslie Scott, expanded this story for hardback publication a couple of years after its pulp appearance, and then the novel was reprinted a few years after that by
Aug 032014
A redheaded space babe, a raygun-totin' hero, and an evil teddy bear on the cover, plus stories inside by Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, Jack Vance, Ray Bradbury, Walt Sheldon, Frank Belknap Long, and Doc Smith...What else could you want from an issue of STARTLING STORIES? I'd read this one in a second if I had a copy.
Aug 022014
I haven't actually read any Western pulps for a while, so I decided I need to remedy that, starting with this one. DIME WESTERN was one of the top Western pulps, of course, and this is a fine issue from fairly late in its run. Rumor has it that by the late Forties, Walt Coburn's drinking problem was bad enough that the editors at Popular Publications had to rewrite his manuscripts pretty
Jul 272014
Boy, that cover by Hubert Rogers really sums up the appeal of ADVENTURE, doesn't it? I love the general fiction pulps with their variety of genres. And what a line-up of authors in this issue: Bedford-Jones, Tuttle, Chidsey, and Raine, among others, all for one thin dime. The readers really got their money's worth with this one. 
Jul 262014
A nice action-oriented cover and a good bunch of authors in this Western pulp from the always dependable Popular Publications: Ed Earl Repp (sure, a lot of his stories were ghosted, but I don't care), veteran pulpsters Frank C. Robertson, Lee E. Wells, Ralph Berard (who was really Victor White), and Bruce Douglas, an author whose work I need to read more of.
Jul 202014
We've got an actual cliffhanger cover on this issue of TOP-NOTCH, illustrating a story by Erle Stanley Gardner, the only author in this particular issue whose name I recognize. But I suspect the other stories were entertaining anyway, as I've read a number of stories originally published in TOP-NOTCH that were good. I haven't read any of Gardner's Speed Dash stories, but I ought to.
Jul 192014
Sort of an unusual cover by H.W. Scott on this issue of WESTERN STORY, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Coronado's exploration of the American Southwest. Inside, however, is the usual top-notch line-up of authors: Luke Short, Harry F. Olmsted, Bennett Foster, S. Omar Barker, Seth Ranger (Frank Richardson Pierce), George Cory Franklin, and Harry Sinclair Drago. Mighty good reading for
Jul 132014
DIME DETECTIVE certainly gave BLACK MASK a run for its money as the best of the hardboiled detective pulps. In this issue you've got Carroll John Daly's Race Williams, a classic story by Raymond Chandler, and a story by one of the top pulpsters, Frederick C. Davis. Plus a pretty distinctive cover, too. There's a good reason people collect DIME DETECTIVE.
Jul 122014
A pretty good cover and for the most part a bunch of writers I haven't heard of in this issue of FIGHTING WESTERN. Ray Townsend is a familiar name on Western pulp TOCs, and Lew Merrill was really long-time pulpster Victor Rousseau. Karl R. Kasky wrote only a handful of stories, but he sold them to different publishers so there's a pretty good chance that was his real name. John Kane smacks of