Jul 132014
DIME DETECTIVE certainly gave BLACK MASK a run for its money as the best of the hardboiled detective pulps. In this issue you've got Carroll John Daly's Race Williams, a classic story by Raymond Chandler, and a story by one of the top pulpsters, Frederick C. Davis. Plus a pretty distinctive cover, too. There's a good reason people collect DIME DETECTIVE.
Jul 122014
A pretty good cover and for the most part a bunch of writers I haven't heard of in this issue of FIGHTING WESTERN. Ray Townsend is a familiar name on Western pulp TOCs, and Lew Merrill was really long-time pulpster Victor Rousseau. Karl R. Kasky wrote only a handful of stories, but he sold them to different publishers so there's a pretty good chance that was his real name. John Kane smacks of
Jul 082014

Saine AuctionPulpFest 2014 is very pleased to announce that it will be offering a substantial accumulation of pulp magazines at this year’s Saturday Night Auction, taking place on August 9 at 9:30 PM. Thanks to auctioneer Joseph F. Saine, who acquired this collection from the Boston area, over seventy lots of this year’s auction will be almost entirely devoted to pulp magazines.

Featuring over 150 pulps as well as digests and dime novels, the collection ranges from fair condition materials to collectibles in very good or better condition. A wide variety of titles will be offered: Argosy, All-Story Weekly, Amazing Stories, Bill Barnes, Dare-Devil Aces, Detective Fiction Weekly, Dime Mystery Magazine, Doc Savage, Frontier Stories, Galaxy Science Fiction, G-8 and His Battle Aces, Horror Stories, Ka-Zar, The Lone Eagle, Operator #5, Pete Rice Western, Pioneer Tales, The Shadow, Speed Adventure Stories, Spicy Adventure Stories, The Spider, Strange Stories, Terror Tales, and others.

To take a look at the collection that Joe will be selling at the PulpFest Saturday Night Auction, please visit the Joseph F. Saine website and click “View Photo Gallery” button.

The full-time proprietor of an antique toy shop by day and a mystery mavin by night, Joe has been a PulpFest dealer for the last three years. Hailing from northwest Ohio, his passion and vocation is the acquisition and placement  of the finest antique toys and toy soldiers. A licensed auctioneer, Joe is the owner of Joseph F. Saine Toy Soldiers & Antique Toys. Please visit his website and tell him that PulpFest sent you.

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Jul 062014
We've all seen the post-apocalyptic Statue of Liberty bit in various places (yes, I'm looking at you, you damned dirty apes), but this is a pretty good example of it by Hubert Rogers. And what do we have behind that cover? Oh, just two stories by Robert A. Heinlein (well, one of them is a serial installment under his Anson McDonald pseudonym), Theodore Sturgeon, Nelson S. Bond, P. Schuyler
Jul 052014
This pulp featured three novellas in each issue, much like TRIPLE WESTERN. I really like that length story, so I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. This particular issue of BEST WESTERN NOVELS includes stories by L.P. Holmes, one of my favorites, Lee Floren, not one of my favorites but still capable of being entertaining, and Ralph Berard, who was really Victor White, and I've read very little by
Jun 292014
I'm getting in the mood for some Weird Menace stories, goofy and formulaic though they may be. I don't have this issue of DIME MYSTERY, but I know I'd enjoy it if I did. The cover has just about everything: a red-robed monk with a hypodermic needle, a creepy henchman, a half-naked babe, even a mummy! Inside are stories by Weird Menace stalwarts Russell Grey (Bruno Fischer), Harrison Storm (
Jun 282014
Here's another issue of FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES from the always dependable Popular Publications. Behind a pretty good cover with a nice sense of action, we've got stories by Robert W. Krepps (author of some well-regarded science fiction stories under the colorful pseudonym Geoff St. Reynard as well as numerous paperback movie novelizations under his own name), Verne Athanas, George C. Appell, C.
Jun 222014
TRIPLE WESTERN yesterday, TRIPLE DETECTIVE today. Although two of the authors in this issue are actually better known for their Westerns: Lee E. Wells and H.A. DeRosso, who has a short story in this one that's not mentioned on the cover. Also not on the cover are stories by Fredric Brown and my old editor Sam Merwin Jr. Along with Norman Daniels and Wyatt Blassingame, that's a pretty good
Jun 212014
I really enjoy novella-length stories, and these look like three good ones by popular Western pulp authors, two of whom happen to be favorites of mine: Lewis B. Patten and W.C. Tuttle. I like what I've read of Tom Roan's work for the most part, I just haven't read that much by him yet. I like the title of his yarn in this issue, though: "Wine, Women, and Buckshot". The Tuttle story sounds
Jun 152014
Like yesterday's STAR WESTERN, this is another pulp featuring a Robert E. Howard story that was published in the months after his death, in this case "Gents on the Lynch", a Pike Bearfield story. This issue has an all-star lineup, because in addition to REH there are also stories by H. Bedford-Jones, Donald Barr Chidsey (one of the excellent Fisher/Savoy series), Allan Vaughn Elston, Eustace L