Jun 282014
Here's another issue of FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES from the always dependable Popular Publications. Behind a pretty good cover with a nice sense of action, we've got stories by Robert W. Krepps (author of some well-regarded science fiction stories under the colorful pseudonym Geoff St. Reynard as well as numerous paperback movie novelizations under his own name), Verne Athanas, George C. Appell, C.
Jun 222014
TRIPLE WESTERN yesterday, TRIPLE DETECTIVE today. Although two of the authors in this issue are actually better known for their Westerns: Lee E. Wells and H.A. DeRosso, who has a short story in this one that's not mentioned on the cover. Also not on the cover are stories by Fredric Brown and my old editor Sam Merwin Jr. Along with Norman Daniels and Wyatt Blassingame, that's a pretty good
Jun 212014
I really enjoy novella-length stories, and these look like three good ones by popular Western pulp authors, two of whom happen to be favorites of mine: Lewis B. Patten and W.C. Tuttle. I like what I've read of Tom Roan's work for the most part, I just haven't read that much by him yet. I like the title of his yarn in this issue, though: "Wine, Women, and Buckshot". The Tuttle story sounds
Jun 152014
Like yesterday's STAR WESTERN, this is another pulp featuring a Robert E. Howard story that was published in the months after his death, in this case "Gents on the Lynch", a Pike Bearfield story. This issue has an all-star lineup, because in addition to REH there are also stories by H. Bedford-Jones, Donald Barr Chidsey (one of the excellent Fisher/Savoy series), Allan Vaughn Elston, Eustace L
Jun 142014
Since the annual Robert E. Howard Days celebration is going on in Cross Plains this weekend, I thought I'd feature one of Howard's relatively few appearances in a Western pulp. This issue of STAR WESTERN includes the story "The Curly Wolf of Sawtooth", featuring one of Howard's larger-than-life characters Bearfield Elston. It was published a few months after his death, so he didn't get the
Jun 082014
Now there's a goofy cover for you, from a Street & Smith pulp I'd never even heard of until I came across the listing for it on the Fictionmags Index. The only authors in this issue I'm familiar with are Ben Conlan, who wrote the Pete Rice stories, and Paul Chadwick, the creator of Secret Agent X. I think that cover would have scared me if I'd seen it when I was a kid. It's kind of creepy even
Jun 072014
NEW WESTERN was a Popular Publications pulp, so it usually had the familiar yellow and red color scheme on the cover and some familiar names on the table of contents as well. In this issue, for example, are stories by Walt Coburn, Gunnison Steele, and William Heuman, to go along with contributions by Bill Gulick and Thomas Thompson, familiar names themselves although not as much so as the
Jun 022014
WINDY CITY PULP STORIES is the official publication of the annual Windy City pulp convention and has been produced in recent years by Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books. This isn't a program book but a full-fledged collection of articles and essays about pulp fiction. I've just read #14, and it upholds the tradition of excellent volumes in this series. The theme of Windy City this year was a
Jun 012014
I always associate Karl Detzer's name with firefighter stories. He wrote a variety of other things, but I guess I've seen enough of these "burning building" ARGOSY covers featuring his serials to create that impression in my mind. Sadly, I don't think I've actually ever read any of them, so I'll leave it to someone else to assess his work. This looks like a good issue, though, with stories by
May 312014
LEADING WESTERN was a pulp from Trojan Publishing, the publisher of the Spicy and Speed lines, as you can probably tell from the cover. This looks like a decent issue with stories by J. Edward Leithead (one of my favorites), the ubiquitous Larry A. Harris, and Bryce Walton (better known for his science fiction), among others whose names are unfamiliar to me.