Sep 212014
The first issue of a fairly short-lived hero pulp from the Thrilling Group. I know I've read a reprint of the lead novel, but I don't remember a thing about it. Maybe it wasn't even this one. It might have been one of the other Masked Detective yarns. The author behind the C.K.M. Scanlon house-name was the very prolific Norman Daniels, who wrote many of the Phantom Detective novels, among
Sep 202014
The Fiction House Western pulps nearly always had good covers and good authors inside, and this issue is no exception. The lead story by Frank Bonham, "The Canyon of Maverick Brands", is one that was reprinted in a Leisure paperback collection of his work. Other authors include top-notch pulpsters Barry Cord (Peter Germano) and Chuck Martin. There's also a novelette by Wayne C. Lee, almost
Sep 142014
I'm not used to seeing photo covers on pulps, but that's what we've got here. And what a line-up of authors: Lester Dent, Theodore Tinsley, Steve Fisher, Norvell Page, Frank Gruber, Laurence Donovan, and a story under the Maxwell Grant house-name that could well have been by one of those guys. Plenty of good reading in this issue, I'm sure.
Sep 132014
Eye-catching cover by Mel Crair on this issue of EXCITING WESTERN from late in that pulp's run. There are some good authors inside, too: Tom Roan, Frank Richardson Pierce, Hascal Giles, William Hopson, and T.C. McClary. The lead story is by Lee Floren, not one of my favorites, but his Buck McKee and Tortilla Joe stories from this era are usually pretty good.
Sep 072014
I sometimes wonder how the Spicy pulps would have survived without Robert Leslie Bellem. He has three stories in this issue of SPICY-ADVENTURE STORIES, one under his own name and one each under his pseudonyms Jerome Severs Perry and Harley L. Court. Other authors who show up a lot in the Spicy pulps are represented here by Lew Merrill (old-time pulpster Victor Rousseau) and Edwin Truett Long
Aug 312014
This is a pulp I owned and read many years ago. I don't remember anything about it except the cover and the fact that I enjoyed it. Not surprising since the authors included Jack Williamson and Ray Cummings. The Polton Cross story in this one is probably the only thing I've ever read by John Russell Fearn. I have no memory of it. Fearn is one of those authors I've seen mentioned many times,
Aug 242014
SHORT STORIES was a great adventure pulp, and this issue is especially noteworthy because it featured not just one but two of the authors who were dubbed "King of the Pulps" at one time or another: Erle Stanley Gardner and H. Bedford-Jones. They're also two big favorites of mine. There's also an installment of a Halfaday Creek serial by James B. Hendryx and stories by S. Omar Barker, Hapsburg
Aug 232014
I love the way the stampeding bull on this cover by Denton Clark seems to be looking right at the reader. That would have caught my eye for sure. So would the presence of a W.C. Tuttle yarn. Other authors in this issue whose names are at least somewhat familiar are Stephen Payne, Jay Lucas, and Carmony Gove. TRIPLE-X WESTERN, published by Fawcett, started out as a general adventure pulp called