Mar 292015
This has to be one of the goofier covers on a pulp that had plenty of them. The art is by Edmond Swiatek. I'm fond of FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, silly though it may be at times. This issue has stories by a couple of house-names, Alexander Blade and E.K. Jarvis; the actual authors of those yarns don't appear to be known. Robert W. Krepps is in there, too, under his Geoff St. Reynard pseudonym, as is
Mar 222015
Covers just don't get more action-packed than the ones painted by Norman Saunders, do they? And I'll bet there's plenty of action inside this issue of COMPLETE DETECTIVE, too, with stories by G.T. Fleming-Roberts, Hugh B. Cave, Wyatt Blassingame, and John H. Knox.
Mar 212015
That looks like a cover by H.J. Ward on this issue of SPEED WESTERN, the slightly toned-down version of the old SPICY WESTERN. Inside are stories by Laurence Donovan, James P. Olsen, James A. Lawson (who was also really James P. Olsen), and a host of house-names who might have really been either of those guys or several others who wrote regularly for Trojan Publishing Corporation. I've read a
Mar 192015
The Spider #6: The Citadel Of Hell, by Grant Stockbridge March, 1934  Popular Publications I’m continuing to enjoy the Spider series, and Norvell “Grant Stockbridge” Page delivers once again with this sixth installment, which per the norm plunges our hero into a maelstrom of blood, violence, and mass death. It’s yet another headlong rush into pulpy thrills, leaving the reader almost
Mar 182015
Altus Press Announces The Argosy Library The First Series of Releases Features Popular Authors Such as Lester Dent, Otis Adelbert Kline, W.C. Tuttle, and George F. Worts March 18, 2015: Altus Press today announced the premiere of its new line of books: The Argosy Library series.
Mar 152015
That's a nice action cover on this issue of ACE G-MAN STORIES. A lot of good writers turned their hands to this sub-genre while it was popular, including, in this issue, Wyatt Blassingame, best known for his Weird Menace yarns, W.T. Ballard, one of the top Western writers for many years, W. Wirt, whose adventure stories showed up in many issues of ARGOSY and SHORT STORIES, and the prolific and
Mar 142015
This cover has the stalwart hero and the angry, gun-totin' redhead, but the other guy's not an old geezer. I guess the old-timer was busy back at the ranch that day and missed the shootout. There's a good collection of stories in this issue of NEW WESTERN by top-notch pulp authors Frank C. Robertson, W.T. Ballard, J.E. Grinstead, James P. Olsen, and Jack Bechdolt.
Mar 082015
Another action-packed Norman Saunders cover on this issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES. I realized recently that one of the featured authors, Carl McK. Saunders (no relation to Norman, since it's a pseudonym) was really Philip Ketchum. There's a collection in the works of some of Ketchum's detective stories under the Saunders by-line, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Also in this issue are
Mar 072015
Stampede! That's a fine cover by H.W. Scott, one of the most prolific cover artists for WESTERN STORY during this era. There's a good bunch of authors inside, too: Walt Coburn, Cliff Farrell, James B. Hendryx, and Frank Richardson Pierce with a story under his name and another under his Seth Ranger pseudonym. I'd like to see some of Pierce's work reprinted, especially the novels he did under