Free PulpFest Memberships!

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Jul 042014

Thrilling Wonder Stories 41-06Over the last few months, we’ve been looking for your ideas on how to improve your convention. We have been conducting a poll to learn more about you and your interests and gathering opinions on some options that we’ve been exploring. On this day when we celebrate our nation’s freedom, PulpFest wants to thank everyone who completed our survey.

Back in February when we started our survey,  we also announced that we’d be offering three free memberships to PulpFest 2014, each valued at $30, as a way to thank everyone who took part in our poll. Today, we’re very happy to announce the three winners selected in a random drawing are . . .

Anthony Cardno, Peyton Holden, and Art Sippo.

We’ll be contacting our three winners via email to congratulate them and arrange for the delivery of their free memberships.

If you still want to take part in our survey, please feel free to do so. Just click the link to our survey page and you’ll be there. Although we won’t be offering any more free memberships to this year’s convention, we’ll still be most appreciative of the information you’ll be providing.

For sellers who would like to exhibit in the expansive PulpFest dealers’ room and plan to stay at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Columbus, we’ll still be offering a third table free of charge for every two tables rented in our huckster’s room. That’s three tables for the price of two, or six for the price of four. The massive size of the Regency Ballroom enables us to provide this extra exhibit space to loyal PulpFest dealers, for whose continued support we are most grateful. Remember, this special offer is good only to dealers staying at the host hotel. You can learn more about this fantastic offer by visiting our registration page.

For non-exhibiting conventioneers who will be attending PulpFest 2014 and plan to stay at the Hyatt, the convention is pleased to offer free early-bird privileges that will get them into our dealers’ room on Thursday evening, August 7th, from 6 PM until 10 PM. That’s a very significant savings of $30 to reward loyal attendees who help to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying three nights at our host hotel. Only staff, dealers, and early-bird shoppers will be allowed into the dealers’ room during Thursday evening, August 7th, to reward them for their terrific support. So what are you waiting for? Book your room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, save thirty bucks, and get in on the action!

Whether or not you take part in these great free offers on this Fourth of July, we want to wish everyone a happy holiday. We hope to see you in Columbus, Ohio for PulpFest 2014, taking place from Thursday, August 7th through Sunday, August 10th.

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Jun 182014

FlyerIt’s just fifty days to PulpFest 2014! On Thursday, August 7th, be one of hundreds of pop-culture fans who will be arriving at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio for the annual summertime get-together for fans of pulp art and fiction. Please visit our registration page to learn how to join the convention that has become summer’s pulp-culture center of the universe.

Over the next three weeks we’ll be posting a new update to our home page every other day. We’ll be talking about our early-bird special, this year’s Munsey Award nominees, our Pulpster program book, and much more. You can keep abreast of all these updates by subscribing to our “email list.” It’s easy to do. Just scroll down to the small gray box near the top of our the home page, fill in your name and email address, click the “join” button, and you will soon be on your way.

Starting on July 10th, we’ll begin a daily update, offering information about our programmingPulpFest is known for its superb programming and the line-up that we’re planning for our 2014 convention is shaping up to be one of our best. We’ll be celebrating science fiction’s golden year of 1939 and seventy-five years of fantastic fiction, as well as 80 years of the shudder pulps, zeroing in on the weird-menace magazines of 1934.

In addition to our home page, we’ll also be posting updates to our Facebook site. So be sure to like PulpFest on Facebook and ask for our posts to be delivered to your personal Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter where we’ll be tweeting about our home page updates. We’ll also be posting to a variety of Yahoo newsgroups such as Pulpmags and Flearun.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to subscribe, like, or follow PulpFest! There’s no other way to be sure to have all the goods about “Summer’s Great Pulp Con.” We look forward to seeing you in Columbus. We’ll be there from August 7 – 10 for PulpFest 2014.

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PulpFest Website Update Underway

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Jan 182014

2014 post card frontIn the coming weeks, the PulpFest home page will be updated to prepare for this year’s convention at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, running from Thursday, August 7th through Sunday, August 10th. During this update, portions of the website will be temporarily shut down for their annual revamp. Don’t be concerned as the pages will return in a short while, ready to help you learn more about PulpFest 2014, ”Summer’s Great Pulp Con!”

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Happy Holidays from PulpFest

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Dec 242013

galaxy-1951-12As we approach the new year, the PulpFest organizing committee wishes everyone the happiest of holidays. Here’s hoping that after Santa finishes his pipe and libation, he rockets over to your house, slides down the chimney, and leaves a copy of your favorite pulp magazine tucked under the tree. We’ve heard his elves can restore brown paper to nearly pristine condition!

Although PulpFest‘s websites have been relatively quiet of late, the committee has been busy discussing programming options, adding some social events, and making adjustments to improve everyone’s convention experience. We’re planning to roll out a big update to all of our web pages during the month of January, including a look at our 2014 programming schedule. We’ll be celebrating the 75th anniversary of science fiction’s Golden Age and the 80th anniversary of the weird-menace genre.

After you’re done celebrating the winter holidays, please stop back at as we gear up for “Summer’s Great Pulp Con.” Better still, sign up for our email updates via the gray “E-Mail List” box right here on our home page. And while you’re at it, why not “like” our facebook page as nearly 800 others have done. You can also follow PulpFest on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you all at PulpFest 2014.


Horace Gold’s Galaxy Science Fiction debuted with its October 1950 issue. Although the fifties witnessed the demise of the pulp magazine, the science-fiction market actually blossomed during the decade. About forty new magazines–most in the digest format used by Galaxy–found their way to America’s newsstand during that ten-year period.

Beginning with its December 1951 issue, artist Ed Emshwiller began a series of Galaxy covers featuring a four-armed Santa Claus who traveled across the universe, delivering presents to good little girls and boys regardless of whether or not they sported an antennae on top their heads.

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Sep 082013

StartlingStories50-03With fall just two weeks away, here in the Northeast our thoughts are turning to autumn’s vibrant colors and a bevy of conventions in the coming weeks including the pop culture extravaganza, Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, the 25th New York City Collectible Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo, the Southwest’s Doc Con, and the Northeast’s Pulp AdventureCon and Classicon.

Beginning September 19th and running through September 21st, the annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention will take place at the Wyndham hotel in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The brainchild of PulpFest dealer Martin Grams and his wife, Michelle, the convention is a three-day festival designed to stimulate interest in nostalgia. During the event, you can watch screenings of vintage movies and television shows, world premiere documentaries, Hollywood celebrities posing for photos and signing autographs for fans, slide show seminars from authors and historians, and visit over 200 vendor tables featuring retro-merchandise, antiques, and collectibles. It’s a lot of fun.

For the last 25 years, Gary Lovisi, the publisher of Paperback Parade, has hosted the New York City Collectible Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo. This one-day show is centered around a dealers’ room featuring tens of thousands of vintage and collectible paperbacks, pulps, digest, and mens’ adventure magazines, videos and DVDs, original art, hardcovers, and much more. There’s always a substantial guest list and this year’s convention is no exception. Announced appearances include Hard Case Crime publisher and author Charles Ardai; mystery and crime writer Lawrence Block; artist Marcus Boas; pop culture authority Ron Goulart; artist Bob Larkin; F. Paul Wilson, creator of the Repairman Jack series; and many others. Gary’s expo will occur on Sunday, October 13th, at the Holiday Inn at 440 West 57th Street in the Big Apple.

Doc Con 2013Beginning five days later on October 18th, Doc Con 16 will take place at the Comfort Suites in Glendale, Arizona. Dedicated to the fans of bronze and the eightieth anniversary of America’s first superhero, Doc Savage, the convention will run through Sunday, October 20th. According to Doc Con  organizer Jay Ryan, “a surprise is scheduled for Friday night’s Doc Savage Suite, while Saturday promises to be fast paced and entertaining.” Will Doc’s cousin, Pat, pop out of a cake? You’ll only find out only by joining Doc Con 16.

Bordentown’s Ramada Inn, just off exit 7 of the New Jersey Turnpike, will become a pulp collecting Mecca on Saturday, November 2nd when Rich Harvey’s Pulp AdventureCon 2013 moves into its banquet area. “There’s something for everyone, whether you collect H. P. Lovecraft or Dashiell Hammett, The Shadow or Doc Savage, Argosy or Black Mask . . . the list could, quite possibly, be endless.” This one-day event is always a lot of fun so why not sign up?

On the same day many miles to the north, Classicon 44 comes to the University Quality Inn, located in Lansing, Michigan. One of the first-established pulp and paperback shows, Classicon offers thousands of collectible pulp magazines, digests, and paperbacks for sale or trade. Also available are vintage comic books, pin-ups and calendars, original paperback art from the fifties and sixties, and much more. It is hosted by PulpFest dealer Ray Walsh and his Curious Book Shop.

So while you await PulpFest 2014, why not tryone of these fine shows. If you do, please tell them that PulpFest sent you.

Erle Bergey painted the cover for the March 1950 issue of Startling Stories, published by Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines. The Doc Con 2013 poster is the work of Julián Puga, Cristian Diaz, and Alvaro Fernandois.

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Why PulpFest?

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Jul 232013

Tonight, we thought that we would share something written by Walker Martin and posted yesterday on Yahoo’s PulpMags newsgroup. Take it away Walker . . .


Dime DetectiveReaders and Collectors! We are down to the final minutes now. It’s time to separate the non-collectors from the collectors. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Pulpfest 2013 begins this Thursday, July 25th and continues through Sunday, July 28th in Columbus, Ohio. The complete details are at

Will you be one of the millions of poor souls that do NOT attend PulpFest? Or will you be among the elite of old magazine collectors, those that DO attend? I’m talking about the 400 or so pulp, digest, paperback, book and original art collectors who will be swarming to the pulp collecting center of the universe. In April it was Chicago for Windy City and now in July, it is Columbus, Ohio.

I’ve heard all the reasons for not attending this pulp convention and there is no acceptable excuse! Illness? Hell, I knew a collector who attended knowing he had a terminal illness and would be dead in a few months. I once attended with a busted back, wrapped up like a mummy, not able to sit down for the entire convention. Every 40 minutes I had to stop the car and get out to stretch and walk around. For awhile I was almost positive that I wasn’t going to make it and I started stopping near hotels in case I had to give up and just lay in a bed for a couple weeks.

But the thought of my collection kept me going. The visions of more SF magazines, more detective and adventure pulps, more westerns. The artwork, the original cover paintings, the interior illustrations. The stacks of digest magazines, the vintage paperbacks. The friends and old pals that I enjoyed talking to and seeing once again. Some of the best friendships in my life are now stretching beyond the 40 year mark. I just had lunch with a collector that I’ve know since 1970 and we talked about books for 3 hours straight. How could I not attend the pulp convention? When I returned home, I took 4 weeks off from work to recuperate from my back problems. Let’s face it, our collections are more important than some job that just pays the bills.

Speaking of money, I’ve heard the excuse about not having the cash to attend the convention. I never let this stop me. Sometimes I borrowed the money from the bank or the credit union. I even borrowed money from my wife. You know you have to be desperate to ask for help from a non-collector! I’ve used my credit cards, pension money, money set aside for bills. I mean we are talking about a serious addiction here!

To be a serious book or old magazine collector, is a calling of the highest order. You are not just some wage slave like the other millions of non-collectors. No, you are a Collector with a capital C. You don’t just eat, work, watch TV, and sleep. And then repeat it day after day like most poor bastards. YOU READ! You Collect valuable and rare artifacts.

In this era of electronic gadgets, you actually collect non-electronic books and pulps. I mean how cool is that? No computer geek can stand up to that. E-books look pitiful next to a beautiful real, hard copy book. You can’t collect E-books like pulps. A stack of pulps is a thing of beauty. The smell, the look, the feel. And they are worth money!

I’ve tried many addictions and they can’t compare to collecting books and pulps. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, all can destroy your health and finances. I won’t even get into sex. Sexual habits can ruin you just like any addiction or at the very least, you will find yourself married to a non-collector!

So there is still time to say to hell with your job and personal responsibilities. Your family can do without you for a few days. Your book addiction needs to be fed. Your Collection must be extended and made larger. You need more books!

PulpFest awaits…

Long ago, Walker Martin was almost the proud owner of the original artwork by Walter M. Baumhofer used for the January 1938 issue of Dime Detective Magazine, pictured above. However, his wife just didn’t like the image. The gentleman having his lips sewn shut was probably insisting that he could not attend PulpFest due to a canker sore on his tongue. Or could it illustrate the classic battle of the collector and the non-collector? “But Grandma! Just loan me another thousand for the last issue that I need to complete that Burroughs serial! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph . . . .”


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Countdown to PulpFest

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Jun 252013

shadow_193112Today, PulpFest 2013 is exactly one month away. It will begin on Thursday, July 25th, at about 4 PM when our dealers will begin setting up their exhibitions for the hucksters’ room opening on Friday morning at 9 PM. Early registration for all members will start right outside the dealers’ room at 6 PM. And our programming will begin at 8 PM that evening.

In one half-hour, PulpFest will begin counting down the days to the convention’s start on our Facebook site by taking a look at the pulps that were inspired by the “hero pulp explosion of 1933.” Every day for the next month, we will try to post a couple of the pulps that followed The Phantom Detective, Nick Carter, Doc Savage, The Lone Eagle, G-8 and His Battle Aces, The Spider, and Pete Rice Magaine, the seven hero pulps that will be 80 years old in 2013. We’ll try to schedule these posts to go online around noon in the days ahead.

First up will be Bill Barnes, Air Adventurer and Secret Agent “X.” We’ll be offering capsule histories of each pulp as well as a peek at an historic issue (such as the one above, the first appearance of The Shadow on the cover of The Shadow Magazine). So be sure to “like” PulpFest on Facebook and ask for our posts to be delivered to your personal Facebook page.

Later on today, we’ll begin posting snippets of our Facebook posts on the hero pulps to our Twitter page. It’s very easy to “follow” the PulpFest account on Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Our “tweets” we’ll probably go up around 4-5 PM each day.

And remember to keep visit the PulpFest homepage for news about our plans for the 2013 convention. Every few days, we’ll have posts detailing our programming in the month ahead. And as convention time approaches, the posts will be appearing more often to make sure you have all the goods about “Summer’s Great Pulp Con.”

Another way to keep abreast of things PulpFest is by subscribing to our “email list.” You can do so very easily by scrolling down to small gray box on the home page. Just fill in the required information and you will soon be on your way.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio in one month. We’ll be there from July 25 – 28 for PulpFest 2013.


The Shadow appeared for the first time on the cover of his own magazine with the pulp’s December 1931 number. Only his shadow had appeared on each of the previous two issues. There was no sign of him on either of the first two numbers of the long-running hero pulp magazine. The Shadow Magazine ran for a total of 325 issues (the most of any hero pulp), beginning with its April 1931 number and running through the Summer 1949 issue.

The Shadow Magazine was the inspiration for the “hero pulp explosion of 1933″ and for all the hero pulps that followed. In 2011, PulpFest saluted the magazine’s 80th annivesary.

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Mar 242013

ScienceAndInvention1923-08With April approaching, the pulp con season begins. First up will be the Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show, followed by the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention beginning April 12th. PulpFest committee members Jack Cullers, Mike Chomko, and Ed Hulse (who will be releasing a new issue of Blood ‘n’ Thunder) will all be there with information about PulpFest 2013.

A couple of weeks after Windy City, the South’s leading “pulp culture” convention, Pulp Ark will take place in Springdale, Arkansas while Canada’s premier pulp event, the Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale, will be held May 11th in Toronto. About a week later, Morris, Illinois will host the 2013 Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship Gathering while Columbus, Ohio will be home to Cinevent 45 over Memorial Day weekend.

June 7th and 8th are the dates for Robert E. Howard Days in the author’s home town of Cross Plains, Texas. Still to be announced is the date for the spring edition of Classicon, but the Derby City Comic Con will go off on June 29th in Louisville, Kentucky.

Of course, all of these events are a prelude for the best pulp event of all, the summertime destination for fans and collectors of vintage popular fiction and related materials, PulpFest 2013. This year, we’ll be celebrating Doc Savage and the pulp heroes of 1933 and the centennial of the villainous Dr. Fu Manchu. Our guests will include Will Murray, author of twelve Doc Savage novels, including the just-released King Kong crossover, Skull Island; Lamont Award winner Don Hutchison, leading pulp anthologist and author of The Great Pulp Heroes and numerous articles about the pulps; Nathan Madison, author of Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comics, 1920-1960; William Patrick Maynard, the writer authorized to continue the Fu Manchu series; and pulp art expert David Saunders. There will also be a showing of the complete movie serial, The Spider’s Web, produced by Columbia Pictures in 1938.

PulpFest is now accepting registrations for this year’s convention, running July 25th-28th. From our registration page, you’ll be able to download our member and dealer registration forms. You can pay for memberships and dealer tables through our Paypal order page. You’ll also be able to book a room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus at the convention rate of $112 plus tax via our special link to the hotel.

We are also happy to once again supply a third table free of charge to dealers who stay at the Hyatt and rent two tables in our hucksters’ room. That’s three tables for the price of two, or six for the price of four. The massive size of the Regency Ballroom enables us to provide this extra exhibit space to loyal PulpFest dealers. Remember, this special offer is good only to dealers staying at the host hotel.

With about a quarter of the vast collection of pulp researcher Al Tonik tucked away in storage, PulpFest is delighted to report that the remainder of Albert’s superlative library of hardcovers, paperbacks, pulps, dime novels, comic books, fanzines, art books, and reference books will be sold during our Saturday night auction on July 27th. For additional details, including a link to the catalog, please visit the Tonik Auction page under our Auctions button.

All this and more can be found by clicking the buttons along the left side of our home page. And don’t forget, you can make your nominations for the 2013 Munsey and Rusty Hevelin Service Awards through the end of April. Please send the name of the person that you’d like to nominate and a short paragraph describing your reasons for your nomination to Mike Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA  18104-6542 or to

In the coming weeks, PulpFest will start previewing its highly respected programming on this site. So please visit often. We look forward to seeing you July 25th through July 28th.

This year’s Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention will be saluting ninety years of science fiction and fantasy magazines including the August 1923 issue of Hugo Gernsback’s Science and Invention magazine, its “Scientific Fiction Number” which sported front cover art by Howard V. Brown. The scan is from the January 31, 2012 Tellers of Weird Tales.

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Feb 242013

Green GirlWith spring comes baseball, pulp cons, and paperback shows. Leading off is the 34th annual Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show. This one-day show will feature appearances by over forty writers including James Blaylock, Dennis Etchison, William F. Nolan, and Harry Turtledove, all of them very happy to sign your books. It will take place on Sunday, April 7th, at the Valley Inn and Conference Center in Mission Hills, California.

Weird Tales 36-03The Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention is in the number two hole. Now in its 13th year, this Chicago-area event will be celebrating ninety years of science-fiction and fantasy magazines with salutes to Weird Tales and the “Scientific Fiction Number” of Hugo Gernsback’s Science and Invention. There will also be an auction featuring pulps from the Jerry Weist estate. The Windy will be held at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center from April 12th – 14th.

The three spot features the South’s leading “pulp culture” convention, Pulp Ark. A writers’ conference and pulp convention, it focuses on the methodology of pulp fiction, storytelling involving “action, adventure, larger-than-life heroes and villains, and a strong focus on both plot and characterization.” Featuring guest appearances by Joe Devito, Martin Powell, and Paul Bishop, Pulp Ark will take place April 26th – 28th at the Holiday Inn Springdale Hotel and Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas.

Fantastic Pulps 2013Batting clean-up on May 11th is Canada’s premier pulp event, the 17th annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library in Toronto, Ontario. You can learn more about this small, pulp-specific show by writing to Girasol Collectables, 3501 Glen Erin Drive, Suite 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9 or via email at

Penciled in to follow on May 17th – 19th is the 2013 Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship (ECOF) Gathering, hosted by the Chicago Muckers, the regional chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. It will be held at the Quality Inn in Morris, Illinois and feature artist Mike Hoffman as its guest of honor.

Cinevent 45 is slotted in at number six, taking place over Memorial Day weekend, May 24th – 27th. In addition to 170 tables of movie-related collectibles such as posters, lobby cards, presskits, DVDs, and 16 mm films, Cinevent features an extensive schedule of classic sound and silent films and one of the country’s largest live auctions of vintage posters. It will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Weird Tales 34-08Robert E. Howard Days is installed as the number seven hitter on June 7th & 8th at the the Robert E. Howard House & Museum in Cross Plains, Texas. This annual gathering of fans of Two-Gun Bob Howard is presented by Project Pride of Cross Plains and sponsored by the Robert E. Howard Foundation, with help from the members of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association. Tim Truman, artist and writer for Dark Horse Comics, will be guest of honor.

Pinch-hitting sometime later this spring is Classicon 43, one of the first pulp and paperback shows ever established. Featuring 35 tables and thousands of collectible pulp magazines, paperbacks, vintage comic books, original artwork, and more, it is held twice a year in Lansing, Michigan. For further information, write to the Curious Book Shop at 304 East Grand River Avenue, East Lansing, Michigan 48823 or by email at

Doc Savage33-03At the bottom of the line-up is the best pulp event of all, the summertime destination for fans and collectors of vintage popular fiction and related materials, PulpFest 2013. Join us from July 25th through July 28th at the Hyatt Regency Columbus for summer’s great pulp con, celebrating eighty years of Doc Savage and the pulp heroes of 1933 and the centennial of Sax Rohmer’s villainous Dr. Fu Manchu!

The art above includes Ray Johnson’s cover to the Avon Books edition of Jack Williamson’s The Green Girl (1950); Margaret Brundage’s sadistic Weird Tales cover from March 1936, often associated with Paul Ernst’s Doctor Satan story printed in that issue; Virgil Finlay’s cover to the March 1949 issue of Fantastic Novels, doctored by Neil Mechem of Girasol Collectables; Conan, as depicted by Margaret Brundage for the August 1934 number of Weird Tales; and Walter Baumhofer’s classic rendition of “The Man of Bronze” from the March 1933 issue of Doc Savage Magazine.

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Happy Holidays from PulpFest

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Dec 222012

Here’s wishing everyone the happiest of holiday seasons. As we near 2013 and the eightieth anniversary of the “hero pulp explosion,” when characters such as Doc Savage, G-8, The Spider, and The Phantom Detective were introduced to the reading public, let’s hope there’s a copy of your favorite pulp magazine tucked into Santa’s sack to help tide you over until April 12th, when the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention will begin in the Chicago area.

After you’ve finished celebrating the winter holidays, please stop back at the PulpFest website as we gear up for next Summer’s Great Pulp Con. Better still, sign up for our email updates by filling in the little gray box titled “E-Mail List” right here on our home page. And while you’re at it, why not “like” our facebook page as more than 500 others have done. You can also follow PulpFest on Twitter.

Many thanks to Keith “Kez” Wilson for allowing us to use his Rescuing Rudolph fantasy Doc Savage cover, based on James Bama’s painting for the Bantam edition of Quest of Qui. You can see more of Kez’s great cover spoofs at his Doc Savage Fantasy Cover Gallery.

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