Oct 312014
Halloween is my favorite holiday. Candy, monsters, candy, ghosts, candy, bats (of all kinds) and no uncomfortable family dinners. It also happens to be my wedding anniversary - this year marks fourteen years of marriage to my own Batgirl, Brandi. I'm a very lucky guy. With her in my life, it's tricks and treats all year 'round!

Here's wishing you and yours a truly spooktacular celebration!
Jul 172012
My pick this week for Atomic Hottie is the always-smokin' Rosario Dawson. I can't honestly say that I've seen everything she's been in, but I can say that I've been impressed by both her smoldering, exotic sexiness, genuine dramatic talent - and flair for comedy - in most everything that I have seen her in. From Sin City to The Rundown to Tarantino's Death Proof and Kevin Smith's Clerk's 2, she's been a genuine pleasure to watch - and in a couple of those examples, she was the best thing about the movie.

I really need to see more of her movies....
Jun 212012
I have been in lust - and unabashedly so - with the stunning Salma Hayek ever since I saw Desperado in the theater back in 1995. Breathtakingly beautiful then, and even more so now, I consider the Mexican-born actress to be pretty much the ideal of feminine perfection. Don't try to convince me otherwise; I am unshakable in my conviction.
Apr 232012
Time for a picture of another beautiful woman. That's right - this blog features self-promotional hype, B-movies, comic books, space opera, crime fiction, sword and sorcery, pictures of my pets, and gorgeous dames.... pretty much all the stuff I like. That's what personal blogs are for, right?

Like most people, I first discovered the aptly-named Charisma Carpenter when she co-starred on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel in the latter half of the 90s. I also enjoyed her appearances on a couple other of my favorite TV shows, Veronica Mars and Legend Of The Seeker. What can I say? I love shapely brunettes.

I was pleased to hear recently that she'll be reprising her role as Jason Statham's girlfriend in the forthcoming Expendables 2. Another reason to look forward to it....
Feb 032012
Right. I was going to post occasional photos of beautiful women here, wasn't I? Time to get back to that.

One of the very few TV sitcoms (a short list that includes Community and, yes, Cougar Town) that my wife and I enjoy is The Big Bang Theory. It's not always great, but I enjoy the cast and the geeky humor. I also enjoy watching actress Kaley Cuoco, who is not only stunningly sexy, but a brilliant comedienne, as well.

And yet, you know, I've never really been one for blondes...