Aug 182014
Razoni & Jackson #2: Dead End Street, by W.B. Murphy May, 1973  Pinnacle Books As if he wasn’t busy enough co-writing The Destroyer, in the early ‘70s Warren Murphy also turned out this five-volume series that is now most remembered for providing the inspiration for the Lethal Weapon movies; screenwriter Shane Black even gave Murphy official acknowledgement for this, requesting that Murphy
Aug 112014
The Vigilante #1: New York: An Eye For An Eye, by V.J. Santiago November, 1975  Pinnacle Books How could you not want to read something that’s “More vengeful than Death Wish!?” Starting off a six-volume series copyright book packager Lyle Kenyon Engel, An Eye For An Eye serves as the origin story for Joe “Vigilante” Madden, and for the most part comes off like a less sadistic take on Bronson
Jul 102014
The Executioner #7: Nightmare In New York, by Don Pendleton July, 1971  Pinnacle Books After a few volumes that were entertaining but seemed to be missing something, the Executioner series returns with a bang with this seventh volume, easily my favorite yet of Don Pendleton's original run. Here Pendleton is settling into the forumla that will take him through the next 30-odd books, and what
Jun 122014
Richard Blade #3: Jewel Of Tharn, by Jeffrey Lord August, 1973  Pinnacle Books (Original publication 1969) I’ve read one volume of the Richard Blade series a year, which seems about right; I figure you could easily achieve burnout if you read these books back-to-back, given their overly repetitive nature. But if you take a break, the formula seems a little more fresh, and sometimes, as in
May 152014
The Executioner #6: Assault On Soho, by Don Pendleton April, 1971  Pinnacle Books I’ve been looking forward to this installment of the Executioner, given Marty McKee's sterling endorsement of its “kinky sex” and “healthy dose of sex, violence and sadism.” Don Pendleton wrote sleaze and porn novels before he hit it big with the Executioner, but he purposely chose to keep this series less lurid
May 082014
Death Merchant #30: The Shambhala Strike, by Joseph Rosenberger October, 1978  Pinnacle Books Wrapping up the “ancient aliens” trilogy that began in Hell In Hindu Land and continued in The Pole Star Secret, The Shambhala Strike turns out to be an okay entry in the Death Merchant series, one that takes it straight into the realm of science fiction. Here Joseph Rosenberger manages to combine
May 012014
The Penetrator #20: The Radiation Hit, by Lionel Derrick May, 1977  Pinnacle Books I think it’s time I took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that I’ve now read twenty volumes of The Penetrator. And by god I’ll keep on reading them until the bitter end. But man, this one, courtesy Chet Cunningham, is bland and listless for the most part – for whatever reason, Cunningham has been
Apr 242014
Justin Perry: The Assassin #1, by John D. Revere February, 1983  Pinnacle Books With a first volume nearly as weird as the final one was, the Justin Perry series gets off to an expectedly-unsettling start, detailing the origin story of our unibrowed, curly-haired, sexually demented hero, who as we’ll recall is a top assassin for the CIA who gets off on killing people. This is surely one of
Apr 102014
Death Merchant #21: The Pole Star Secret March, 1977  Pinnacle Books Picking up a few months after the previous volume, this installment of the Death Merchant is a direct continuation of Hell In Hindu Land, so you should probably read that one first. As we’ll recall from that novel, hero Richard Camellion discovered friggin’ aliens in India, and while there he was informed that there were
Apr 072014
NYPD 2025, by Hal Stryker May, 1985  Pinnacle Books Betrayed by a misleading cover, NYPD 2025 is in fact a men’s adventure novel, one very much in the over-the-top vein of The Hitman and Soldier For Hire. And it’s just as right-winged, “Hal Stryker” serving up a future world in which the goddamn Liberals have taken hold of America…hell, they’ve even opened the country’s borders to immigrants