Dec 082012

I’ve mentioned in my review this week that I generally prefer the later Asey Mayo books in Phoebe Atwood Taylor’s series. One of those, which I reviewed here a couple of years ago, was “Punch with Care ,” originally published in 1946 and one of the last books in the series. I also did an audio review of the book for the Classic Mysteries podcast, and you can listen to the full review by clicking here.

“Punch with Care” manages to be both quite funny and a pretty good mystery at the same time. First, Asey Mayo finds a body lying in a private railroad car belonging to a local rail enthusiast. She’s holding a green ticket, neatly punched. Asey begins to investigate…and the body disappears. And we’re off and running on a track that leads to kidnapping, another murder – and some odd clues.

There are plenty of laughs, so if murder isn’t your idea of a joke, you may want to skip it. But it really shows off Asey Mayo at his best – and Phoebe Atwood Taylor at hers.

May 032012

I have always enjoyed the mysteries of Phoebe Atwood Taylor, including the ones about Leonidas Witherall, written as “Alice Tilton.” I have reviewed several of them, and I thought I’d put links to some of the previous reviews here for anyone who might like to read more of her work:

Starring the “Codfish Sherlock,” Asey Mayo:

And featuring Leonidas Witherall:

The Witheralls are farce, to be sure, but there’s a lot of humor in the Asey Mayo series as well – more so in the later books than the earlier ones. Most are available, new or used, in paperback editions. Your favorite mystery bookseller should be able to find them, or try