2014 USA Fiction Challange: Florida

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Apr 202014
The next stop in the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge is the state of Florida

 Danger Key
Written by Lew Louderback


Arch enemy Mr Judas returns to settle an old score with Nick.
CLAW is back once again and backs Judas again.

Ralph Benson had made the mistake of contacting his agents openly. He had been on the job too long. And liquor and the loss of nerves had caused him to take some incredibly foolish changes. He had been fingered for execution by CLAW, the Chinese Communist secret organization that was smuggling its top agents into Florida under the cover of an influx of Cuban refugees. But Ralph was already dead. A fatal connection with a beautiful woman in a white convertible had taken care of that. Now Nick Carter had been ordered to replace Benson. And Nick would have to go on being a fumbling, bumbling, has been operative, too drunk, sodden and scared to be able to protect himself.

  Printing History
1st Award (A 183F) 1966
2nd Award (A 383X ) 1968
3rd Award (A 491X) 1969
4th Award (A 491X) 1970
5th Award (AN 1177) 1973
1st Tandem 1968
Reprint Tandem (426 7034 8) 1973

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Blast From The Past #1

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Apr 142014
Blast From The Past #1
The Human Time Bomb (1969)
Written by William L Rhodes
Mr Judas Returns
Something strange was going on at the Reed-Farben chemical plant. Something that threatened the United States’ entire defense system, something evil. No one outside knew what it was. And if they did, they would not talk. And if they talked, they did not live long. If AXE did not have answers soon, it would be too late. That is when Nick Carter moved in. On a mountain girl with the right connections, on a beautiful Germany scientist with highly classified secrets, on an impossible mission where violence and murder were standard operating procedure and the horrible resemblance between persons living and dead was everything buy coincidental. Nick is to match wits with his arch enemy, 
George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by William L Rhodes
Award Edition
1st (A456X) July 1969
2nd (A456X) August 1970
3rd (AQ1474) July 1975
Charter (441-34909) August 1981
Tandem Edition
1st (4167) 1969
Reprint (5426) 1970
Reprint (7405) 1971, December 1972
Reprint (426-17320)
Star Reprint (352-30485) 1979
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The Weapon of Night (Revised) by Valerie Moolman

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Jan 092014

N-3 Joins Forces With Three Foreign Agents To Save America From Annihilation
George Gross Cover

The Night Crawlers
The eight state blackout of November 1965 had provided a neat scenario for nasty minds. A nation that was totally electrified could be rendered totally helpless. A mere inconvenience could be intensified into a weapon….the weapon of night.
Beverley Le Barrow Cover

Now was the time for more blackouts, the flashing lights in the sky, the clouds of stinging fog, the public bewilderment rising to mass hysteria. While the destroyers crept from their holes and total annihilation of the people drew nearer and nearer……

Beverly Le Barrow Cover

Against this crawling espionage the man from AXE joined the three foreign agents to form a quartet of spies one will never forget. They were the only force between the American people and complete destruction.

 Printing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Books
 Produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel
  (A 215F ) 1967

 (A 385X) 1968
 (A 641X) 1970
 (AN 1094) 1972, 1974
Grenada Publishing Limited
 Mayflower Books
 ISBN 583 11327
1968, 1970, 1970, 1974

Charter Communications Inc
Charter Books
ISBN 441 87635
August 1979
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