Nov 152014

David Morrell's signing line extended far past the frame.

Marcia Clark instructs readers on the importance of sidekicks and partners.

David Morrell

David Morrell and his Macavity Award for best historical mystery!

Scenes from our second day at Bouchercon. We’re having a blast meeting readers, booksellers, librarians, and authors in Long Beach!

Sep 302014
“The Special Trials Unit in the DA’s office had a unique way of working because prosecutors in that unit really do go out in the field with the detectives and work up the case from the ground up. Most prosecutors don’t do that. I’ve had people write to me saying they thought it was cool that Rachel was out with Bailey (the detective) a lot, but they didn’t think that was real. Well, it is!”

- Marcia Clark, author of the Rachel Knight series, is answering questions right now on Goodreads! 
Jul 162014
BOLO Books: Did you and/or your publisher have any trepidation about centering your latest novel around a school shooting—with it being such a grim and hot-button topic of discussion these days?
Marcia Clark: People want to talk about this subject. They need to talk about it. We can’t push this under the rug and pretend that’ll make it all go away. We have to get out ahead of the problem and we can’t do that unless we to learn as much as we can, talk about it and find ways to spot these killers before they can act. That is, ultimately, our best protection. But it’s a difficult subject, to say the least. So putting it into a fictional setting creates somewhat of a remove, a safer forum to learn about it and think about it. I’ve been very glad and relieved to see all the positive reviews and reactions, and all the discussions the book has sparked.
Jul 102014
“It is my hope that The Competition will inspire some meaningful discussion about who these killers are, what we should watch out for and how we can protect ourselves and each other with that knowledge.”

- Did you know Marcia Clark spent a LOT of time studying psychopathy and sociopathy? Her research shines in her new novel, The Competition. Read her full interview with the Hartford Books Examiner for a taste.
Jul 082014
Q&A With Marcia Clark:


Favourite movie: The Usual Suspects

Best villain: Hannibal Lector


Best hero/detective:

Best hero – Liam Neeson

Best Detective – Humphrey Bogart (Phillip Marlow) and of course Sherlock Holmes

Who has been a big influence on your writing?

EVERYONE – everything I read, both good and…

Our cousins in the UK interview Marcia Clark. Her new Rachel Knight novel, The Competition, is on sale today!

Jun 242014

To help you get caught up with Marcia Clark’s Rachel Knight series before the new novel (The Competition) drops in July, we’ve discounted the eBook price of Book 3, Killer Ambition, to $1.99. Download it from one of the retailers below and get comfortable—you won’t want to stop reading until the case is closed. Deal ends Monday, 6/30!

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