Aug 012012
There’s a reason I invited Jaden into the Hardboiled Collective of course… From her debut novel I knew she was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the PI genre. With this second novel she proves it again.
Jared McKean, ex-cop and Nashville PI investigates the murder of an evil goth, Razor, to prove his nephew didn’t do it. There’s also a few subplots, one including Jared’s housemate who takes a dying friend with AIDS in his home.

Jared’s investigations takes us to dark places and happenings in a community of wannabe-vampires. This is really hardboiled stuff but enriched with a female’s touch in the tender scenes with McKean’s nephew and friends.
In a particularly nasty fight McKean shows us how tough he is and how strong his sense of justice is. A guy this tough is bound to turn up in a third novel and I will be eagerly awaiting it.

Mar 072012

Because this great novel by a Hardboiled Collective member is coming out with a new publisher here’s a repost of my review…

Is it because the person behind the writer’s name is a woman that protagonist Jared McKean is one of the most emotionally developed of new private eyes? With a gay friend, a son with Down’s syndrome and a gothic nephew Jared McKean has plenty of baggage to keep his personal life interesting.
The story starts off with a bang though when Jared picks up a woman in a bar and sleeps with her only to find out it was all a setup to turn him into a murders suspect. Jared shows he can take of himself, using Tae Kwando moves to keep fellow prisoners away from him when he’s temporarily incarcerated.
He also shows he’s a pretty dogged investigator when he sets out to prove his innocence. The successful merging of the personal side of Jared’s life and the murder mystery made this an absolute favorite for me.

There’s also an interview to be found here.