Non PI, but all tough guy and recommended!

 David Barber, Jack Fugazi, Wayne Dundee, William Tooker  Comments Off on Non PI, but all tough guy and recommended!
Jan 252012

There’s two ebooks available I had to let you know of, even though they’re not standard PI books…

First up is Wayne Dundee’s Manhunter’s Mountain. This is a full length novel in the Cash Laramie / Gideon Miles series. Writing about Edward A. Grainger (aka David Barber)’s characters featured only in short stories before Wayne manages to get to the essence of those wonderful noir westerns, adding his own special style, showing Western (just like the PI genre) isn’t dead yet!

Second, is the excellent novella The Pain Eaters by William Tooker. It features tough guy and athlete Jack Fugazi (named after the punk band?) and his role as Earth’s protector against the dark evils that cross over from the world of shadows to hours. There’s lots of cool concepts, like the Invisible College, the Dark Suits and the superpowers Jack has. In a fantastic mix of horror and two-fisted action William Tooker has served up an entertaining piece of urban fantasy that should appeal to fans of superheroes, horror, fantasy and tough guy heroes like Jack Reacher.