Jun 042012

We just added this to our LB’s Bookstore page, where you can scroll down to find the items mentioned. Or go straight to our eBay store, as we’ve got limited quantities on all of these…

June 4, 2012
Our auction closed last night, and everything sold—but that’s pretty much guaranteed when all lots open at 99¢ and there are no reserves. Nobody overpaid, and some of you got real bargains.

Many of the bookstore’s one-of-a-kind items are now down to none-of-a-kind, and we’ve been busy delisting them from this page. And, because every peddler knows you can’t do business from an empty wagon, we’ve been equally busy restocking the shelves. These five items have already been added today, with more to come: the Dark Harvest first hardcover editions of the first two Matthew Scudder novels, Five Star’s hardcover first of LB’s first novel, a lavishly produced and illustrated collection of Gar Anthony Haywood’s stories with LB’s intro, and the much-sought and very elusive Subterranean Press edition of Hellcats & Honeygirls.