Traveling the Globe Day #17

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Oct 192014
Today we spent one more day in Moscow and will be doing some sightseeing in Traveling The Globe. We will visit the Kremlin.
The Kremlin Conspiracy
by Sean Flannery (David Hagberg)
The noted Soviet scientist Sakharov has disappeared, possibly kidnapped. Also missing is his invention, a portable laser. Both the KGB and CIA are furiously searching for both as the President is en route for a summit conference.

The Kremlin Conspiracy 
by E Howard Hunt
Working in Europe because of a murder charge pending in the U.S., Neil Thorpe had greatly regretted his missteps three years before but now he is offered a chance to correct his mistakes and possibly fix his broken life.
The Kremlin File
by W.T. Ballard

Once again the Soviets have planted missiles in the Caribbean and Nick Carter must destroy them while avoiding the assassins who have been sent to destroy him.

No Kisses From The Kremlin

by H.T. Rothwell
Michael Brooks is sent to East Germany to spy on a test-firing of a new weapon system. He then decides on his own that kidnapping the inventor and smuggling her out was an even better idea.
Secret Mission: The Kremlin Plot
by Don Smith
Phil Sherman was on a business trip, taking an Aeroflot flight from Riga to Moscow, when a hijacker sought to take control and force the plane to the West. In a short gun battle with a Soviet sky marshal, the hijacker was dead and Sherman was in possession of a pack of cigarettes passed by the dying man.
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Traveling The Globe Day #15

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Oct 172014
We are now at the halfway pint of Traveling The Globe. 
Today we travel back to France to a place called Marseille.
by Alan Caillou

Broke and out of work, Mike Benasque is in London trying to find work when he is offered a good paying position working for an anti-Communist magazine called The Outspeak. The publisher wants information about a terrorist group in Marseilles called the Companions.
The Marseilles Enforcer
by Don Smith
The CIA didn’t want to be officially involved in the investigation so they turned to their unofficial agent, Phil Sherman, to help track down the source of a large heroin shipment hidden inside several new Renaults. They were certain the man behind it all was a Corsican named Perelli but it was Sherman’s job to get the proof.
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Traveling The Globe Day #14

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Oct 152014
Today in Traveling The Globe we travel south to the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul. The largest city in Turkey was once called Constantinople and was the center of the Byzantium Empire or the Eastern Roman Empire up until 1453 AD.

By Manning Lee Stokes
The opium trade coming out of Turkey has been increasing over the years. Running it is a cartel protected by four extremely dangerous assassins.
 Secret Mission: Istanbul
by Don Smith
To Phil Sherman, the mission sounded too easy. A major KGB chief had defected to Istanbul and he needed someone to sneak into Bulgaria to leave a message for his wife to join him. That was it. But then someone betrays him, a team sent to extract the wife is ambushed, and Sherman is caught as a spy.
That Girl From Istanbul
by M. G. Braun

Al Glenne and his friend, Jeff, were curious what happened to the beautiful Turkish lady until the first body was found. Then they decided to find out what was going on and discovered an international espionage plot with a great deal at stake.
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Traveling The Globe Day #12

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Oct 132014
In keeping the immediate area of Berlin, we take a side adventure to Munich, in Traveling The Globe.
Secret Mission: Munich
by Don Smith
The flooding of Europe’s economy with bogus greenbacks threatens not only the American economy but all trade throughout the West. Phil Sherman is hired to find out who is behind the counterfeiting and stop them but the task is a tremendous one as the culprits are a new band of old-style Nazis.

The Munich Involvement
by Frederic Mullally
Bob Sullivan has been asked by his newspaper to investigate and report on the Radical Democratic Party which, twenty-two years after the defeat of Nazism, is scoring significant successes, using the same political philosophy, the same crude appeal to extreme nationalism, that put Hitler’s National Socialists in power.
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Travelling the Globe: Day #2

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Oct 022014
We have left Rio de Janeiro and will arrive at our next destination. As our plane lands we look out the window and discover we have landed in Cairo Egypt Welcome to the second day of our quest to Travel the Globe Today we will highlight four titles.

Assignment: The Cairo Dancers
by Eward S Aarons

The image of beautiful, scantily clad women dancing seductively while lustful men lounge on cushions eating dates, the Cairo Dancers are a powerful and deadly organization determined to take control of the entire Middle East.
Corpse To Cairo
by Manning O’Brinne
O’Kelly expected that the Mediterranean cruise liner he was on would be the perfect place to relax from his habit of finding trouble. He finds murder instead and ends up chasing the killer through the streets of Cairo.
Secret Mission: Cairo
By Don Smith
A nuclear bomb has been stolen. It belonged to the French and it was apparently stolen by a Frenchman. The question was who wanted it? Was it Egypt or Yemen or someone else? Phil Sherman is hired to get it back. He is confused why he is asked to get involved but his business was heading downward and he can use the money.

The Cairo Mafia 
by Ralph E Hayes
Nick Carter got himself thrown into an Egyptian jail to kill an enemy agent but now he must get out, find a microfilm of a new Soviet fighter plane, and get to back to the U.S.
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The Strausser Transfer by Don Smith

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Jul 142013
The fate of one girl set the KGB and the CIA at each other’s throats
With chilling international repercussions

A Treacherous Game…

Gail Strausser- a beautiful coed at the Sorbonne, was the victim of a KGB kidnap

Herman Strausser- her father, was a scientist with a lot of U.S. top secrets

Phil Sherman- a free lance CIA agent, was sent to the rescue

Lieutenant Peterson- a super gung-ho agent, felt Sherman had bungled and, as far as U.S. prestige was concerned, the girl was expendable.

Secret Mission #21
Printing History
Written by Don Smith
Grosset & Dunlap Company
Charter Communications
Charter Books
ISBN 441 77200
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The Bavarian Connection by Don Smith

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Jul 032013
An all expenses paid European trip turns into an explosive battle over hidden Nazi war booty
A Tangled Web
A Swiss Bank started the ball rolling when a young man from Brazil turned up to claim his father’s Nazi gold and then was bludgeoned to death….
A Liechtenstein Art Dealer was another link in the sordid trail involving stolen art work hidden since Word War II….
A Dutch Diamond Merchant sold a fabulous stone that had been stolen before the war, and ended up very dead in a canal….
A Bavarian Developer catered to more than just wealthy jet setters. His enclave seemed to be the headquarters for the rise of the Fourth Reich….
Phil Sherman needed all his CIA cunning and connections to tie all these slender threads together, before the holocaust began again…….
Secret Mission #20
Printing History
Written by Don Smith
Grosset & Dunlap Company
Charter Communications
Charter Books
ISBN 441 04884
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The Dalmatian Tapes by Don Smith

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Apr 212013
Tape A Top-Secret Red Summit Meeting
Then Try To Get Out Alive!

Secret Mission #19

Listen and Die!
After a string of hair-raising mission, Phil Sherman was due for an easy one. And this was it. Wire up a sympathetic Yugoslavian cabinet minister and get two top Communists talking on tape. It looked simple, until the secret police killed the minister and pinned the rap on Phil, fleeing across the Dalmatian countryside. At least he had the tapes. 
Or did he?
Somebody had pulled a switch on him, but who? Was it Lokarda. the two-bit extortionist in Belgrade? Or Milica, the voluptuous, smokey-eyed guerrilla leader?  Or, worst of all, Rankovich, the dreaded commander of the secret police? Suddenly it was clear. one of them would get out of the country. Phil Sherman or the tape? But not both!
Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Universal-Award House Inc

Award Books
First Printing AQ 1598 (1976)

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Death Stalk In Spain by Don Smith

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Mar 242013
A High-Voltage Thriller That Has Everything
 A Nazi U-Boat with a killer torpedo,
a secret cargo of stolen gold,
the CIA on a vengeance mission!

On a dark night during the last bloody months of World War II, a Nazi U-boat torpedoed an enemy ship, killing all those aboard. Only a small, select group knew that the cargo ship secretly carried ten tons of gold. When it sank, a fortune was hidden beneath the waves. Decades after World War II ended, the men came to collect the gold. The first victim of the hunt was a U.S. Navy officer named Taylor. Spanish fisherman found his bloated body in the sea. If Taylor had merely drowned, the CIA might never have taken notice. But there was a neat bullet hole to show otherwise. So Phil Sherman was put on the job. To hunt down Taylor’s killer, and anyone else who might be involved.
Printing History
Written by Don Smith
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Universal-Award House Inc
Award Books
First Printing AN 1040 (November 1972)
Second Printing AN 1040 ( September 1974)
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The Peking Connection by Don Smith

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Mar 012013
Secret Mission: The Peking Connection

The man in the cotton mask……
CIA agent Phil Sherman would give anything to see behind that mask. But when he finally did, he wished he hadn’t been born with eyes.!

The girl with the lightning quick hands……
Beautiful, as expert at killing with Karate and Kung Fu as she was in bed, she was supposed to be the CIA’s friend. But there was something strange about her that made Sherman wonder who she was really working for!

The mysterious Chinese businessman……
He had a nasty habit of carrying lethal gas on his monthly trips from New York to the Orient.

It was like a Chinese box puzzle. Each layer took Phil Sherman a step closer to the Peking government and the secret forces that wanted to topple it in a blood bath that would engulf the world!

Printing History
Written by Don Smith
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Universal-Award House Inc
Award Books
AQ 1451 (1975)
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