Spinetingler Awards

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Mar 312012

Yesterday Spinetingler Magazine announced its nominations for Best Stuff of ’11. As you might expect, it’s chock full of goodness.

Your humble hack was nominated in two categories– “Best Opening Line”, in THE BASTARD HAND, and, more surprisingly, the David Thompson Community Leader award for Psycho Noir. That one threw me for a bit of a loop, but– as they say– I’m grateful and honored to be nominated.

And no, before you ask, THE BASTARD HAND was not nominated for the Best New Voice category. But that’s okay. Did you see the list of talent that was nominated? It’s all top-notch stuff– I can’t feel too bad about losing out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted THE BASTARD HAND and Psycho Noir for consideration, my gratitude to you is boundless. I cast my votes this morning. May I implore you to head over there post-haste and do the same? Here’s the link: Spinetingler Awards.

In other news, since I started giving DIG TEN GRAVES away for free yesterday, its moved almost six hundred copies and as of this writing it’s #19 in Horror. I’d love to see it break into the top ten, so spread the word, okay?


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Mar 302012

Today and the next few days, I’m giving DIG TEN GRAVES away for free on Amazon. Click here to download it. It’s that Kindle promotional deal you’ve probably heard about, in which authors can offer their work for free in order to… what? Entice? Seduce? Gather more reviews and tags?

Whatever the outcome, I like the idea of reaching more readers. If you don’t already have DIG TEN GRAVES on your Kindle cue, pick it up, why don’t you, or help me spread the word if you’re feeling particular generous. If you aren’t easily offended, you’ll probably like it. If you ARE easily offended, it’ll give you the momentary joy of having something to be upset about. Win-win.


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Jan 062012

From now until my birthday, January 15, my short story collection DIG TEN GRAVES will be on sale for .99 cents. So if you haven’t picked it up yet, now’s the time. I recently found out that the lead-off story, “It Will All Be Carried Away”, was an honorable mention for Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Horror Stories last year. I’d like to pump up some sales on it, so, you know… come on.

Also, and totally by coincidence, Mr. Edward A. Grainger has temporarily placed my Gideon Miles story MILES TO LITTLE RIDGE in Amazon’s FREE DOWNLOADS. As we speak, it’s the number one selling free Western download, with over 1,000 of those babies moved just in the last few hours. Saddle up, if you haven’t already, or spread the word.