Dead Anyway (Arthur Cathcart) by Chris Knopf

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Sep 262012

This one has a pretty unique idea behind it… Market researcher Arthur Cathcart is presumed dead, killed along with his wife. In fact, he survived and goes under deep cover to find out who killed his wife.
Arthur isn’t your regular tough PI and his methods are sly and cunning. Almost a how-to for those wanting to stay under the radar. The story is told in a way that makes you forget everything around as you BECOME Arthur. I had a hard time ”switching off” his voice every time I had to put this novel down.
An original and fascinating read!

The Last Refuge (Sam Acquillo) by Chris Knopf

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Feb 142012

To celebrate the fact The Last Refuge by Hardboiled Collective member Chris Knopf is coming out on Kindle, here’s a repost of the review I did of the paperback edition…
Sam Acquillo used to be an engineer before he decided to quit the business and his wife left him. Now he lives in his dad’s old place in Southampton where he spends the time doing not much besides drinking vodka. When he discovers the dead body of his neighbor, an old lady he sets out to fulfill a role as her administrator but also investigates wether her death was really a natural one.

Chris writes Sam as a very ‘real’ man and he made me care for the character. That’s what he excels in, the original characters and the story of a man who seems to have lost all and chosen to. He also writes pretty witty dialogue although some conversations do seem to take a bit too long. That’s also the most important gripe I had with the book. It went on a bit slow for me. As a literary novel it works better almost than as a crime novel.

Good reading if you like something slower and different, skip it if you only read Lee Child, Robert Crais and James Patterson.