Jan 222015
Mutants Amok #3: Rebel Attack, by Mark Grant June, 1991  Avon Books The Mutants Amok series continues to be a gross-out splatterfest of gore, projectile vomiting, explicit sex, and literal shit eating with this third volume, which once again sees author David Bischoff (ie “Mark Grant”) not taking his material seriously in the least. Rebel Attack picks up soon after the previous volume, but
Jan 192015
Bonnie, by Hugh Barron November, 1970  NEL Books (Original US edition, 1965) One of the more obscure Burt Hirschfeld novels, Bonnie is also the most fun, and certainly the most sleazy and pulpy. Originally published under the house name “Oscar Bessie,” Bonnie is all about a horny young woman who becomes “the princess of the motorcycle gangs.” If ever there was a Hirschfeld novel that
Jan 152015
Cody's Army #1, by Jim Case July, 1986  Warner Books In the ‘80s Stephen Mertz oversaw two series, but MIA Hunter got all of the attention. However at the same time he also did Cody’s Army, which ran for seven volumes and, like that more popular series, saw a collaboration of various writers working under a house name, with Mertz outlining and editing (and occasionally writing volumes
Jan 122015
The Penetrator #23: Divine Death, by Lionel Derrick November, 1977  Pinnacle Books After the boredom of the previous few installments, Divine Death gets things back on track for the Penetrator series.  Mark Roberts again turns in a volume filled with violence, blood, and occasional right-wing sermonizing, as Mark Hardin takes on the cult explosion of the late ‘70s. Similar to Death
Jan 082015
Challenge At Le Mans, by Larry Kenyon April, 1967  Avon Books One of the more obscure series produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel, Don Miles only ran for four volumes, all of which were published by Avon in 1967. I’d never heard of it until I came across Will Murray’s 1981 interview with Engel, which was published in Paperback Parade #2 (1986), where Murray briefly mentioned “the Don Miles books.”
Jan 052015
Fernanda, by Victor B. Miller November, 1976  Pocket Books With a cover and slugline that could come off a lurid men’s detective magazine (“She taunted the twisted rapist to trap and silence him forever!”), Fernanda is a PBO suspense thriller which is narrated by our heroine, New York City private eye Fernanda (no last name given). At 157 pages of big print, Fernanda itself is pretty
Jan 012015
Moscow, by Nick Carter No month stated, 1970  Award Books Nick Carter returns in this 1970 installment of the Killmaster series, which sees the first-person narration in full effect. Author George Snyder, who at the same time was pennng the Operation Hang Ten series for book “prodcuer” Lyle Kenyon Engel, turns in a novel that, due to the first-person perspective, comes off as a hardboiled
Dec 292014
The Hard Corps #2: Beirut Contract, by Chuck Bainbridge March, 1987  Jove Books In this second adventure of The Hard Corps, our four mercenaries are hired to rescue a group of peacekeepers who have been abducted by Palestinian terrorists in Beirut. And you know what that means, my friends – a whole bunch of terrorists are going to die! William Fieldhouse returns under the awesome
Dec 252014
Nick Carter: Killmaster #226: Blood Raid, by Nick Carter June, 1986  Charter Books Sporting an awesome if misleading cover (unfortunately, there is no M-16-toting punk rocker chick in the novel), Blood Raid is indicative of the type of novels the Nick Carter: Killmaster series put out late in its run, with a vibe that strays for realism, a lack of action, and a focus on globe-hopping
Dec 222014
The Smack Man, by Jack Cannon July, 1989  Pocket Books (Original publication March, 1975  Manor Books) Originally published as the first volume of the Keller series, The Smack Man was later revised and reprinted as a Ryker novel, author Nelson DeMille crediting himself as “Jack Cannon.” Ironically, these 1989 Pocket Books reprints are sometimes more scarce and expensive than the orginal