Aug 042014

Age of Aces 2As they do every year, a number of publishers have chosen to roll out new titles at PulpFest 2014. Age of AcesAltus Press and Black Dog Books will be premiering reprints of pulp classics from the past, while Airship 27 and Meteor House will debut new work inspired by the great fiction of the past. And since PulpFest will be hosting five New Fictioneer readings, expect to meet some of the creators of today’s pulp fiction at the convention.

Additionally, since we have quite a few new dealers at this year’s convention as well as others who will be debuting new, fresh-to-market pulp collections at our 2014 convention, you’ll also find information about them in this post.

Finally, we’ve had a recent donation of a new book from Golden Duck Publishing and author Julia Jones that arrived after our Free Stuff at PulpFest post went live. We’ll close this news post with details on Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory. Now it’s time to move on to the new stuff premiering at PulpFest 2014 . . .

Chris and David Kalb of Age of Aces Books will be offering two new titles at “Summer’s Great Pulp Con!” Visit their tables to pick up copies of their third collection of the adventures of Captain Philip Strange, Strange Operators. Their other PulpFest premier will be the second volume of Robert J. Hogan’s The Adventures of Smoke Wade. Two exciting new volumes of World War I adventures, only from Age of Aces Books!

Airship 27 Productions will be debuting its sixteenth title of the year at PulpFest. Challenger Storm: The Curse of Poseidon is the second adventure in a series created and written by Don Gates. Illustrated by award-winning artist Michael Kaluta, fans of pulp adventure have been eagerly awaiting this sequel to last year’s Challenger Storm novel, Isle of Blood.

Airship comicIn conjunction with Redbud Studio, Airship will also be releasing its first-ever full-color comic book based on a classic pulp hero. I. V. Frost, Scientific Detective is based on the tales of pulp writer Donald Wandrei that appeared in Clues magazine from 1934 through 1937. The first issue includes two stories by Ron Fortier, illustrated and lettered by Gary Kato, with colors by Casey Beamis.

Mike Chomko Books will be representing Altus Press at PulpFest 2014. Winner of the 2010 Munsey AwardMike will be premiering multiple titles from the publisher, including The Adventures of Faidit and Cercamon, Buccaneer Blood: The Adventures of Denis Burke, The Complete Adventures of Thibaut Corday and the Foreign Legion, The Complete Cases of Keyhole Kerry, Volume 1, The Complete Tales of Kingi Bwana, Volumes 1 & 2, The Crime Master: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning & The Griffin, Volume 1, Grey Maiden: The Story of a Sword Through the Ages, Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Volumes 1 & 2, and Street Wolf: The Black Mask Stories of Frederick Nebel. For additional details on these books (and a few others that will be appearing at the convention), please visit the Altus Press Facebook site by clicking here.

Stark HouseMike will also be representing Stark House Press at PulpFest. “Stark House is the best thing to happen to hardboiled noir since the first California housewife got the idea to team up with a door-to-door salesman to off her husband and collect the insurance money.” Be sure to visit Mike’s tables near the main entrance for some of the best in pulp and hardboiled fiction.

Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books will have three new works available at PulpFest. They are Flamehair, an historical adventure by H. Bedford-Jones concerning a Saxon boy kidnapped by Vikings; a collection of Northwestern adventures written by Frederick Nebel entitled Forbidden River; and The Shorthorn Kid, a collection of western stories by Hugh Pendexter that follows a young man as he evolves from greenhorn to seasoned cowhand.

Meteor HouseOne of our FarmerCon partners, Meteor House, will be offering a new, softcover edition of The Evil in Pemberley House. Deeply ingrained in the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Lord Greystoke—as well as the bronze champion of justice, Doc Wildman—The Evil in Pemberley House is a darkly erotic novel with broad appeal to readers of pulp and popular literature, and fans of Philip José Farmer’s own celebrated Wold Newton Family. Co-author Win Scott Eckert will be signing copies for everyone who pre-ordered the book and for anyone who buys the book at PulpFest.

Additionally, Meteor House will be debuting Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows at the convention. Although pre-orders will have all been shipped by this week, PulpFest will be the first event where Josh Reynolds’ sequel to Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg will be available.

In addition to the publishers who will be exhibiting at this year’s PulpFest, there will be several dealers who will be debuting new, fresh-to-market pulp collections at our 2014 convention. Doug Sims of Heroes and Games recently purchased a thousand paperback books of all our favorite pulp heroes. Mostly complete series of many different pulp heroes! PulpFest will be the first convention where this collection will be available for sale.

Owen D. Kubik & Rachell Chilton of Kubik Fine Books will be attending their first pulp convention. They will have a variety of books, magazines, and pulps including numerous issues of Argosy and Galaxy, Doc Savage paperbacks, books by Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and other fantasy and adventure authors, plus a nice selection of Shadow items.

Dave Kurzman will be returning to PulpFest following an absence of several years with a large, fresh-to-market, mid-grade batch of Shadow and Doc Savage pulps, plus many boxes of mid-thirties Argosy. He’ll also be bringing long runs of Planet, Jungle Stories, The Spider, and about 200 Weird Tales.

A hearty PulpFest welcome to Brian Livingston, appearing in our dealers’ room for the first time. He’ll be bringing over 25 long boxes stocked with pulps including a fresh-to-market collection from Indiana that has been in storage since the early seventies. Included are titles such as Black MaskDime DetectiveDime MysteryDoc SavageThe ShadowThrilling AdventuresThrilling Detective and many other detective pulps.

Amazing Stories 28-08A new dealer at PulpFest, David Ritter is a collector from Boston who focuses on ephemera related to H. P. Lovecraft and E. E. “Doc” Smith. He will be offering selected issues of Weird Tales and other items from his collection, including a nice August 1928 Amazing Stories.

One of our Saturday night auctioneers, Joseph Saine, will be offering 350 fresh-to-market science-fiction and some western pulps, most in super condition. And don’t forget the 75 lots of pulps that Joe will be selling at this year’s Saturday Night Auction. Click here to see them.

Although he’s a PulpFest committee member, Barry Traylor has not sold much at recent conventions. This year however, he’ll have bedsheet issues of Astounding and Fantastic Adventures, a smattering of adventure pulps, back issues of Illustration and Blood ‘n’ Thunder, science-fiction and mystery digests, and more. Be sure to look for his table.

Other new dealers to hunt down this year include book and pulp collector Mark Alvarado, autograph and poster dealer Keith Hurd, illustrator Ren McKinzie, and artists Jami Triplett and her friend. Learn more about them all by visiting the dealers page of our website.

Finally, PulpFest 2014 would like to thank Golden Duck Publishing and author Julia Jones for contributing a dozen copies of the biography of author Herbert Allingham, Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory. Allingham’s melodramatic serial stories ran week after week in the halfpenny papers a hundred years ago. From his first published work in 1886 to his death in 1936, he entertained hundreds of thousands of working-class readers, bringing color and excitement into their hard, precarious lives. Nothing he wrote was ever published in book form and while the proprietors of the flimsy mass-market magazines made fortunes, their writers remained uncelebrated. Julia’s biography seeks to change that.

Fifty Years in the Fiction FactoryWe’ll be offering Julia Jones’ Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory: The working life of Herbert Allingham, 1867-1936 as door prizes at different times during the convention. Many thanks to Julia and Golden Duck for their generous donation.

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Feb 152013
The Black Dog Books website is temporarily offline do to ye olde publisher
overlooking to pay his hosting renewal by the appropriate deadline.

I expect the website to be back online in 24 to 48 hours.

Thank you for all the emails of inquiry. Your shared concern is appreciated.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books
Oct 262012

Despite all the pulps I've read over the past 45 years or so, there are still a lot of pulp authors whose work I've never sampled. Until recently, Warren Hastings Miller fell into that category. I'm not sure I'd ever even heard of him until Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books published a volume of Miller's South Seas adventure yarns called RAIDER OF THE SEAS, which is now available in an e-book edition as well as its original print edition. Roberts provides an excellent introduction about Miller's life and work.

The stories in RAIDER OF THE SEAS feature Jim Colvin, the big, two-fisted captain of a tramp steamer, and his small but smart and scrappy chief engineer Johnny Pedlow. They encounter a dangerous array of pirates, wreckers, feuding sultans, and murderous natives but survive by a combination of courage, cunning, and fighting prowess.

A pair of unusual women also play important roles in these tales. Miss Jessie, who by her description sounds a lot like Aunt Bee from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, is an American expatriate who can clean out a table full of tough sailors at poker or use a rifle to gun down a marauding pirate with equal coolness and skill. Lai Choi San is based on an actual female Malay pirate who also served as the model for Milton Caniff's classic character The Dragon Lady a few years after these stories of Miller's were published originally in the pulps FRONTIER STORIES and ALL-FICTION. (One side note: FRONTIER STORIES, which later became a Western pulp, started out as a magazine featuring stories in exotic settings all over the world, not just the Old West.)

Miller's style isn't fancy, nor are his plots complicated. But the stories race ahead with the sort of driving urgency that the pulps did so well, and they have an undeniable air of authenticity. Miller was personally familiar with these settings and was an expert on boats and sailing, including so much detail that sometimes a non-sailor like me doesn't really know what he's talking about. It's all clear enough from context, though, and anyway, the action doesn't slow down long enough to worry about things like that.
I don't know if any more collections of Miller's stories are in the works, but I'll certainly read them if they are. I really enjoyed RAIDER OF THE SEAS and give it a high recommendation.
Oct 222012
No new print books this week, but I did pick up three more e-books from Black Dog Books: THE SILVER MENACE/A THOUSAND DEGREES BELOW ZERO, a pair of early science fiction novellas by Murray Leinster; THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER, a collection of Middle Eastern adventure yarns by G.G. Pendarves; and DEAD MEN TELL TALES, a collection of Craig Kennedy scientific mysteries by Arthur B. Reeve. I've read a lot of Leinster's work over the years and enjoyed all of it. I've heard of Reeve's Craig Kennedy stories but never read any of them. Pendarves is a new author for me. I expect to enjoy all three books. (These are all available as print editions directly from Black Dog Books, too, of course.)
Sep 112012

(I know you've heard about this already. So go buy some books!)

From Tom Roberts:

Over the holiday weekend I went into the BDB storage facility—namely the basement of our home—to find standing water. Storms from the hurricane effect.

For anyone that reads, collects or appreciates books, further description is pointless.

The water damaged not only parts of the home, but a portion of BDB stock as well as personal effects and some of the book collection.

While the water has now been removed the cleanup and salvaging goes on while the drying out continues.

In an attempt to aid in the financial recovery from our disaster, the following new releases are now marked down with flood sale prices.


 Bring 'Em Back Dead by George Fielding Eliot
The first three exciting cases of Dan Fowler, G-Man. With an introduction by Matt Hilton.
Trade paperback/290 pages. Published at $29.95. Now $20.95!

In the Name of Honor by Albert Payson Terhune
A Civil War-set historical drama of a wrongly accused man attempting to clear his name and regain the hand of the women he loves.
Trade paperback/289 pages. Published at $16.95. Now $11.95!

The Rajah From Hell by H. Bedford-Jones
A Hindu prince seeks retribution for an ancient offense. Now four men have been marked for murder! Does the prince carry out his threat? Or can his revenge be thwarted? With an introduction by James Reasoner.
Trade paperback/100 pages. Published at $10.00. Now $7.00!

Dusty Ayres—Invasion of the Black Lightning by Robert Sidney Bowen
An evil foreign powers threatens the safely of the United States. Can Dusty rally the troops in time to stop their advance?
For the first time, the initial three novel-length adventures of Dusty Ayres are brought together in one unparalleled volume.
Trade paperback / 266 pages. Published at $24.95. Now $17.50!

Additional backlist titles will be marked down with flood sale prices later this week. Shop early and often to take advantage of the savings.

Jun 292012
Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a big fan of author H. Bedford-Jones. Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books has just published a collection of three short stories and a novelette by Bedford-Jones that appeared in BLUE BOOK in 1946 and 1947, and taken together these stories form a short novel of murder and revenge set in Los Angeles and San Francisco shortly after World War II. I was privileged to write the introduction for this volume, and if you're looking for a suspenseful, well-written thriller, it gets a high recommendation from me. You can check it out here.
Jun 032012
I first encountered the work of Norbert Davis in Ron Goulart's anthology THE HARDBOILED DICKS (one of the most important and influential anthologies of the past fifty years, if you ask me), which included a story featuring Davis's private eye character Max Latin, "Don't Give Your Right Name". Great stuff, and since then I've read many other pulp mystery stories by Davis. He's probably best known for his trio of novels featuring a PI named Doan and a Great Dane known as Carstairs. I have these but haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

I knew Davis had written other things besides mysteries, but I wasn't really aware he had done Westerns until Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books published DEAD MAN'S BRAND, a collection of eight of Davis's stories from various Western pulps. (And that's Tom's artwork on the cover, by the way.) As you might expect if you're familiar with Davis's work, they're all top-notch yarns.

"A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain" (DIME WESTERN, October 1940) is a frontier legal thriller with an exciting courtroom scene and a neat twist. It was also Davis's lone film sale, serving as the basis for the Wild Bill Elliott vehicle HANDS ACROSS THE ROCKIES, as detailed by Bill Pronzini in his introduction and Ed Hulse in his afterword. "Their Guardian From Hell" (STAR WESTERN, March 1937) is a hardboiled tale featuring a self-loathing gunman who protects a family of settlers from the villains out to steal their land. In "Leetown's One-Man Army" (STAR WESTERN, October 1941), a drifter named California Tracy with a score of his own to settle finds himself in the middle of a war between a cattle baron and some sodbusters, a traditional plot that Davis enlivens with some fine writing and a nice twist. The title story, "Dead Man's Brand", is from the November 1942 issue of STAR WESTERN. In it, drifting cowboy Dave Tully tries to claim an inheritance and finds himself framed for a murder: his own. "The Gunsmoke Banker Rides In" (STAR WESTERN, July 1942) is another well-plotted Western mystery about a banker who's surprisingly fast with a pair of .41 caliber derringers.

This volume also includes three stories from earlier in Davis's career. "Death Creeps" (ACTION STORIES, December 1935) finds troubleshooter Dave Silver being hired to find the Creeper, a mysterious murderer who kills from the darkness. In "Sign of the Sidewinder" (WESTERN ACES, June 1935), Tom Band, an American cowboy framed for a murder he didn't commit, is broken out of a Mexican prison to carry out a mission of vengeance for his benefactor. This is my favorite story in the collection, a great noir adventure yarn. Tom Band returns in the almost as good "Boot-Hill Bait" (WESTERN ACES, November 1935), which finds him on the trail of a fortune in outlaw loot. If there are any more Tom Band stories, I'd love to read them.

In all of these stories, Davis's smooth prose is a joy to read, and he handles humor, emotional torment, and lightning-paced action all with equal ease and effectiveness. These are simply some of the best-written Western tales you'll ever read, and DEAD MAN'S BRAND is a great collection. It gets my highest recommendation.
May 182012

Due to a technical glitch at Amazon our free eBook offering last week of Horse Money was only made available to Kindle Prime users instead of the general public.

We are offering Horse Money again today as a free eBook download through Amazon. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and get this great collection of  four hard-boiled novellas of crime and intrigue around the Sport of Kings.

Horse MoneyThe Cases of Chief Van Eyck, Race Track Detective. With an introduction by Robert J. Randisi.
Known from Saratoga to Belmont and throughout the racing circuit, Chief Van Eyck keeps the bookies and fix games in check—whether using a little strong-arm, or the nickel-platted death securely tucked in his shoulder holster.
And Van Eyck is never above picking up a few greenbacks on the side himself, thanks to an inside tip or two from the jockey club.
Grab a stool, order a strong one and slid to the edge of your seat as the ponies and Van Eyck both give a thrill ride from wire to wire!
May 112012
Free eBook Offer, Saturday May 12th
Horse Money—Free eBook offer for May 12!

To promote the BDB line of eBooks, the title Horse Money will be available as a free download for Kindle all day Saturday, May 12.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and get this great collection of  crime stories.

Four hard-boiled novellas of crime and intrigue around the Sport of Kings.

The Cases of Chief Van Eyck, Race Track Detective. With an introduction by Robert J. Randisi.

"These are perfect reading for anyone who enjoys hard-boiled characters and race track settings. Sit back, relax and start reading-and enjoying."—Robert J. Randisi

Known from Saratoga to Belmont and throughout the racing circuit, Chief Van Eyck keeps the bookies and fix games in check—whether using a little strong-arm, or the nickel-platted death securely tucked in his shoulder holster.

And Van Eyck is never above picking up a few greenbacks on the side himself, thanks to an inside tip or two from the jockey club.
Grab a stool, order a strong one and slid to the edge of your seat as the ponies and Van Eyck both give a thrill ride from wire to wire.

(I've read two of the four stories in this book so far and thoroughly enjoyed them. I recommend you grab a copy tomorrow!)