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Forgotten Movies: THE EGG AND I (1947)

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Mar 242015
Perhaps because I have an inordinate fondness for MRS. PIGGLE WIGGLE books by Betty MacDonald and perhaps because she wrote the book THE EGG AND I too, I was primed to love this movie as a kid and I did. I also had a fondness for Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray, which didn't hurt my chances of loving it.

Bob and Betty are two city slickers. After the war, Bob decides to make his living raising chickens. Farm life has its challenges, especially for Betty who is used to silk stockings and taxi cabs. This has all the sort of scenes you might expected. It is aided by the great Marjorie Mann (Ma Kettle).

MacDonald wrote the screenplay and Chester Erskine directed. And while looking at it on IMDB I discovered there was a brief MRS. PIGGLE WIGGLE series in the nineties starring Jean Stapleton. Sorry I missed it.