Jul 172013
I recently came across a bunch of scans of George Wilson artwork for Gold Key comics. Wilson was a highly prolific illustrator who was Gold Key's go-to guy for cover art. He produced hundreds of cover paintings - for comics, paperbacks and magazines - in his long career, and every single one of them was exceptional.

The scans, which I've been posting occasionally on my Facebook page, included original art for titles like Tarzan, Space Family Robinson, Magnus, Dark Shadows, Turok, Time Tunnel, Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff, and Doctor Solar. Among them was this painting for Issue #15 of the company's Star Trek comic book.
Jun 262013
 Dick Briefer's Rex Dexter of Mars was a delightfully bizarre interplanetary adventure strip that ran in Mystery Men Comics from Fox Publications in the early 40s. In the Fall of 1940, the space-hopping Rex received his own comic - which lasted exactly one issue, the cover of which is posted above.

Someday, stargods willing, I will write a Rex Dexter graphic novel; he's one of two Golden Age space heroes (the other, of course, being Basil Wolverton's Spacehawk) that really fascinate me. As the character is now in the public domain, all I need to do is find the time... and an artist to collaborate with! 
Jun 202013
The "Quarry" series, chronicling the life of a Vietnam vet-turned-hired killer, is my favorite of author Max Allan Collins' various crime fiction series. Originally published in the 70s, the series got a new lease on life in recent years at neo-pulp publishing house Hard Case Crime, for which Collins has written five new Quarry novels. The latest, The Wrong Quarry, will be out next year under this gorgeous cover painting by Tyler Jacobson.

I've neglected this blog of late, while I concentrated on wrapping up a couple of projects, but I'm back and should be posting about comics, B-movies and other pop culture goofiness fairly regularly again... for a while, anyway. Stay tuned.
Apr 242013
Robert Moore Williams' dinosaur-riding jungle man, Jongor of Lost Land, battles a centaur on this Fantastic Adventures cover. The cover art illustrates a scene from The Return of Jongor, the middle installment of Williams' pulp trilogy. I've got these adventures in paperback (with Frazetta covers), but it was cool to stumble upon this scan during one of my recent Google safaris...
Mar 202013
I finally ordered the IDW hardcover collection of the Gorgo comic books illustrated by the legendary Steve Ditko for Charlton Comics back in the early Sixties. This cover, from issue #2, is no doubt included in that volume, which should arrive here by Saturday. I'm really looking forward to digging into it. The only Gorgo comic I've read was the first issue, which Charlton reprinted in a terrific 1966 one-shot called Fantastic Giants (which paired it with the first issue of Konga, also by Ditko).

The new Blu-ray edition of the Gorgo film supposedly came out yesterday. With luck, I'll get my hands on that disc soon....
Mar 132013
One of my favorite adventure comics of the last few years is The Black Coat. Created by Ben Lichius and Francesco Francavilla, the Black Coat is a masked spy/adventurer operating during Revolutionary War, fighting the British - and the occasional supernatural menace. The character - a refreshing blend of classic pulp tropes with a unique setting and premise - has appeared in several comic book miniseries and specials from Ape Entertainment (coincidentally, the publisher of Femme Noir) illustrated by a number of extremely talented artists; this striking Gabriel Hardman cover is from a 2008 one-shot, and is probably my favorite.
Feb 202013
Adam Strange and his beloved Alanna battle the "Beast from The Runaway World" on this stunning Strange Adventures cover by the late Joe Kubert. Over the last decade or so, the powers at DC have sucked pretty much all of the fun out of the character and his interplanetary adventuring, but at least I still have all of the old Gardner Fox-scripted tales to enjoy in the DC Showcase Presents volume.

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