Mar 242014

BNT Guide to Pulp FictionInterested in selling at PulpFest 2014? If your specialty is pulp magazines, vintage paperbacks, first edition hardcovers, original art, series books, dime novels, men’s adventure, true crime, digest, or slick magazines, Big Little Books, B-movies, serials and related collectibles, old-time-radio shows, or Golden and Silver Age comic books, then PulpFest is for you.

The people who attend PulpFest are primarily interested in pulp and genre fiction as well as pulp and paperback art. So it’s a great place to sell science-fiction books, mystery and detective fiction, adventure or western fiction, original artwork, and more. And it doesn’t have to be old! Publishers such as Adventures in BronzeAge of AcesBattered Silicon Dispatch Box, and Murania Press do well selling their pulp reprints and related materials as do resellers such as Mike Chomko, Books and Martin Grams. Likewise, new pulp publishers and authors such as Dick Enos, William Patrick Maynard, and Ron Fortier and Rob Davis of Airship 27 have found PulpFest to be a great event to market today’s pulp fiction.

PulpFest 2014 will have over 100 six-foot tables in its 15,800 square-foot dealers’ room. Wall tables will cost $80 and island tables will be $70. Dealers will also be required to purchase regular three-day memberships for themselves and for any helpers accompanying them to PulpFest. For those dealers who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency ColumbusPulpFest is pleased to offer a third table free for every two tables that they rent, a tremendous savings. That’s buy two and get one free to thank such dealers for helping to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying at the host hotel.

Our dealers’ room will be open at 10 AM on Friday, August 8th, and remain open until 5 PM. We’ll also have hours on Saturday and Sunday, August 9th & 10th. Please visit our convention hours page for more details. And don’t forget about our early-bird hours on Thursday evening, August 7th, from 6 PM to 10 PM, when dedicated fans of  pulp and genre fiction will enjoy an extra four hours of shopping.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning now to attend as a PulpFest 2014 dealer and join hundreds of pulp fiction fans at the pop-culture center of the universe! You can register by clicking on the link below for a download of our 2014 dealer newsletter & registration form.

PulpFest 2014 Dealer Newsletter & Registration Form

If you’d prefer to register via email, please send all of the information requested on our dealer registration form to Jack Cullers at and complete our survey by clicking here.  Remember, we’ll be holding a random drawing for three free memberships to PulpFest 2014 for those who respond to our survey questions.

The front cover to Ed Hulse’s The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction was designed by Chris Kalb, a talented illustrator who also put together the PulpFest website way back when. This must-have, non-fiction guide to pulps and pulp fiction was published in 2013 by Murania Press.

Mar 082014

Planet Comics 1940-01Year after year, PulpFest is a paradise for the fan of pulp magazines, digests, vintage paperbacks, and other collectibles. The collector will also find first edition hardcovers, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, series books, dime novels, original artwork, Big Little Books, B-movies, serials and related paper collectibles, old-time-radio shows, and Golden and Silver Age comic books in our 15,800 square-foot dealers’ room.

For those who simply like to read pulp and genre fiction, you’ll find science-fiction books, mysteries, adventure fiction, and countless pulp reprints from publishers such as Adventure HouseAltus PressGirasol CollectablesMeteor House, and Sanctum Books. Fans of new pulp will have readings by their favorite authors on both Friday and Saturday, as well as offerings from Adventures in BronzeAirship 27, and other purveyors of today’s pulp fiction.

Accommodating over 100 tables, our dealers’ room will be open to all comers from 10 AM to about 5 PM on August 8th and 9th and until 2 PM on Sunday, August 1oth (although buying and selling opportunities may be limited on our final day as many of our dealers will be packing up for their return trip home).

And don’t forget about our early-bird hours on Thursday evening, August 7th, from 6 PM to 10 PM. For an additional $30 over your regular membership fee, you’ll be able to purchase early-bird privileges for an extra four hours of shopping. Better still, to reward loyal attendees who help to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying three nights at our host hotel, PulpFest is pleased to offer free early-bird privileges. That’s a very significant savings of $30!

Remember, “If you read or collect pulps, pulp reprints, books, vintage paperbacks, or slicks . . . PulpFest is the place to be.”


The first issue of Fiction House’s Planet Comics, dated January 1940, sported a front cover by Lou Fine. The comic book was a spin-off of Planet Stories, one of seven science-fiction pulps introduced in the genre’s Golden Year of 1939. PulpFest 2014 will be celebrating “75 years of fantastic fiction” at this year’s convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Feb 212014

Weird Tales 39-09It has been suggested that, “The early bird catches the worm,” but come August, it will also be catching the pulp. That’s because early-bird shopping will be returning to the PulpFest dealers’ room on Thursday, August 7th, from 6 PM until 10 PM. For an additional $30 over your regular membership fee, you’ll be able to purchase early-bird privileges for an extra four hours of shopping.

But wait! There’s an even better deal! To reward loyal attendees who help to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying three nights at our host hotel, PulpFest is pleased to offer free early-bird privileges. That’s a very significant savings of $30!

Only staff, dealers, and early-bird shoppers will be allowed into the dealers’ room during Thursday evening, August 7th, to reward them for their terrific support. So what are you waiting for? Book your room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, save thirty bucks, and get in on the action! We’ll be waiting for you.


July 23rd of 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Virgil Finlay, one of the foremost illustrators of the pulp era. Best remembered for his exquisitely detailed pen-and-ink interior renderings, Finlay was also a respected cover artist, contributing work to Fantastic Novels, Super Science Stories, Thrilling Wonder StoriesFamous Fantastic Mysteries, and Weird Tales, including the September 1939 number, pictured above.

Feb 182014

buca_logoPulpFest 2014 is organizing a group dinner on August 9th. Eating together on Saturday evening while batting the bull about this great hobby of ours has been a long-standing tradition at summer pulp cons. The Saturday night group dinner returns to this year’s PulpFest when we’ll be dining together, family style, at the nearby Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant, just a few minutes walk from the Hyatt Regency Columbus.

Priced at $30 per person—tax and gratuity included—the menu includes:

Mixed Green Salad – Caesar Salad – (Served with House Bread)

Fettuccine Alfredo – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – Chicken Parmigianino

Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Unlimited Soft Drinks, Coffee & Tea

Payment is due when you place your dinner reservation. Please send your $30 check or money order to David J. Cullers, 1272 Cheatham Way, Bellbrook, OH 45305 or use the “group dinner” button on our Paypal Order page. All payments must be received by Monday, August 4, 2014. We look forward to dining with you in August.

Jul 042013

Doc Savage 42-07On this day when we celebrate freedom, PulpFest would like to remind everyone about our generous offers for members staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus in late July. The hotel itself will provide free wireless Internet service to all guestrooms and complimentary parking at the Chestnut Street Garage, located one block south of the hotel and connected via a covered skywalk.

And to reward loyal attendees for supporting the convention by staying three nights at the host hotel, PulpFest is happy to offer a ten-dollar rebate redeemable through our registration desk. To additionally thank our dealers boarding at the Hyatt Regency, PulpFest is very pleased to supply a third table free of charge for every two tables rented in our huckster’s room. That’s three tables for the price of two, or six for the price of four. The massive size of the Regency Ballroom enables us to provide this extra exhibit space to loyal PulpFest dealers, for whose continued support we are most grateful. Remember, this special offer is good only to dealers staying at the host hotel. You can learn more about these fantastic offers by visiting our registration page.

Rooms at the Hyatt are selling fast. In late June, the hotel added twenty additional rooms with double beds to our already substantial block. The Hyatt’s management has assured us that they will continuously monitor the situation and add rooms as long as they remain available. However, it is advised to place your reservation sooner rather than later as availability cannot be guaranteed; rooms with king-sized beds have already sold out. Click on the Hyatt link in the first paragraph or call 1-888-421-1442 or 1-614-463-1234.

PulpFest would like to thank all of our members who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. By doing so, you are supporting our convention by helping us to control the sizable costs required to mount this annual event.

At this point we would also urge all dealers to take advantage of our generous load-in and set-up period. There’s a back entrance to the hotel for unloading and we have exclusive use of a freight elevator that opens up behind the hucksters’ room. We feel very strongly that attendees have every right to expect a fully-set-up dealers’ room as soon as the convention opens on Friday. That is why PulpFest would like all exhibitors to set up on Thursday, July 25th, from 4  – 11 PM. Thank you for your cooperation.

For non-exhibiting conventioneers who will be attending PulpFest, please take advantage of our early registration hours from 6 – 8 PM on Thursday, July 25th, right outside the dealers’ room on the third floor of the Hyatt Regency Columbus. We will also be starting our programming at 8 PM.

The PulpFest committee is very excited about our second show in this upscale and conveniently located venue. Our programming is set and, as is always the case this time of year, we’re fielding lots of questions from eager registrants, some of them attending PulpFest for the first time.  It’s going to be a great weekend!

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Jun 272013

PulpFest 2013 FlyerWith only four weeks remaining before the 2013 PulpFest begins, convention chairman Jack Cullers reports that most available exhibit space has already been booked, and that dealers who’ve not yet registered for the convention should reserve their tables immediately lest they risk being shut out.

As last year’s PulpFest attendees know, our huckster room at the Hyatt is far more spacious than the one we had previously at the Ramada Plaza.  But in addition to welcoming back some of our regular merchants who couldn’t make the 2012 show, we’ve picked up several new dealers this year.  And don’t forget about our generous offer for dealers who stay at the Hyatt Regency Columbus during the convention. They will receive one free table for every two that they rent, plus $10 off their three-day membership. So the remaining space is shrinking fast.  As of this writing we can still accommodate more exhibitors, but booking time is getting short.

Dealers interested in selling their wares to PulpFest‘s serious buyers and long-time collectors should get in touch with Jack as soon as possible. You can reach him via email by writing to or by regular mail at 1272 Cheatham Way, Bellbrook, OH 45305. Please visit our registration page and take advantage of our downloadable registration form and if you like, our Paypal Order page to reserve your table space today! Please remember to ask for your free table if you will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and will be renting two or more tables.


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Jun 162013


PulpFest 2013 is very happy to announce that its dealers’ page has been updated to include all sellers who have registered for the 2013 convention to date.

Every great pulp con is centered around its dealers’ room and this year, PulpFest will be hosting about fifty sellers of pulp magazines and related materials, vintage paperbacks, digests, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, first edition hardcovers, series books, dime novels, original art, Big Little Books, Golden and Silver Age comic books, vintage films and radio programs, and other pop culture collectibles. There will be over one-hundred tables of material. You’ll find most of our sellers listed on the freshly revised Our Dealers page.

The PulpFest dealers’ room will be situated in the Regency Ballroom, a 15,800 square-foot gathering space that will feature wide aisles and spacious work areas for our sellers. Located on the third floor of the Hyatt Regency Columbus, the ballroom can accomodate up to 1600 people at any given moment.

If you are interested in selling at this year’s PulpFest, there is still “room at the inn.” Please visit our registration page for further instructions or write to Jack Cullers at And don’t forget, for those dealers who plan to stay at the Hyatt Regency, PulpFest is offering one free table for every two reserved. That’s three for the price of two, six for the price of four, and so on. Additionally, dealers staying at the Hyatt will also receive ten dollars back from their registration fee.

Dealer set-up will take place on Thursday, July 25th from 4 – 11 PM. There’s a side entrance to the hotel for loading and we have been granted exclusive use of a freight elevator that opens up near the north wall of the dealers’ room. All dealers are urged to take advantage of our lengthy load-in period on Thursday, so PulpFest attendees will find a fully functioning hucksters’ room as soon as the convention opens on Friday, July 26th.

The PulpFest dealers’ room will be open to all registered attendees from 9 AM until 5 PM on July 26th and 27th and from 9 AM until 2 PM on Sunday, July 28th.

Pictured above is an Omaha, Nebraska newsstand from late 1938. Visit ThePulp.Net’s Pulp photos to see more newsstands.

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Mar 242013

ScienceAndInvention1923-08With April approaching, the pulp con season begins. First up will be the Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show, followed by the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention beginning April 12th. PulpFest committee members Jack Cullers, Mike Chomko, and Ed Hulse (who will be releasing a new issue of Blood ‘n’ Thunder) will all be there with information about PulpFest 2013.

A couple of weeks after Windy City, the South’s leading “pulp culture” convention, Pulp Ark will take place in Springdale, Arkansas while Canada’s premier pulp event, the Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale, will be held May 11th in Toronto. About a week later, Morris, Illinois will host the 2013 Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship Gathering while Columbus, Ohio will be home to Cinevent 45 over Memorial Day weekend.

June 7th and 8th are the dates for Robert E. Howard Days in the author’s home town of Cross Plains, Texas. Still to be announced is the date for the spring edition of Classicon, but the Derby City Comic Con will go off on June 29th in Louisville, Kentucky.

Of course, all of these events are a prelude for the best pulp event of all, the summertime destination for fans and collectors of vintage popular fiction and related materials, PulpFest 2013. This year, we’ll be celebrating Doc Savage and the pulp heroes of 1933 and the centennial of the villainous Dr. Fu Manchu. Our guests will include Will Murray, author of twelve Doc Savage novels, including the just-released King Kong crossover, Skull Island; Lamont Award winner Don Hutchison, leading pulp anthologist and author of The Great Pulp Heroes and numerous articles about the pulps; Nathan Madison, author of Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comics, 1920-1960; William Patrick Maynard, the writer authorized to continue the Fu Manchu series; and pulp art expert David Saunders. There will also be a showing of the complete movie serial, The Spider’s Web, produced by Columbia Pictures in 1938.

PulpFest is now accepting registrations for this year’s convention, running July 25th-28th. From our registration page, you’ll be able to download our member and dealer registration forms. You can pay for memberships and dealer tables through our Paypal order page. You’ll also be able to book a room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus at the convention rate of $112 plus tax via our special link to the hotel.

We are also happy to once again supply a third table free of charge to dealers who stay at the Hyatt and rent two tables in our hucksters’ room. That’s three tables for the price of two, or six for the price of four. The massive size of the Regency Ballroom enables us to provide this extra exhibit space to loyal PulpFest dealers. Remember, this special offer is good only to dealers staying at the host hotel.

With about a quarter of the vast collection of pulp researcher Al Tonik tucked away in storage, PulpFest is delighted to report that the remainder of Albert’s superlative library of hardcovers, paperbacks, pulps, dime novels, comic books, fanzines, art books, and reference books will be sold during our Saturday night auction on July 27th. For additional details, including a link to the catalog, please visit the Tonik Auction page under our Auctions button.

All this and more can be found by clicking the buttons along the left side of our home page. And don’t forget, you can make your nominations for the 2013 Munsey and Rusty Hevelin Service Awards through the end of April. Please send the name of the person that you’d like to nominate and a short paragraph describing your reasons for your nomination to Mike Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA  18104-6542 or to

In the coming weeks, PulpFest will start previewing its highly respected programming on this site. So please visit often. We look forward to seeing you July 25th through July 28th.

This year’s Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention will be saluting ninety years of science fiction and fantasy magazines including the August 1923 issue of Hugo Gernsback’s Science and Invention magazine, its “Scientific Fiction Number” which sported front cover art by Howard V. Brown. The scan is from the January 31, 2012 Tellers of Weird Tales.

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Aug 092012

Tonight at 8 PM, PulpFest 2012 will begin with a look at French influences on the pulps and a conversation saluting the 75th anniversary of John Campbell’s arrival at Astounding. Next we’ll celebrate the 100th birthday of Edgar Rice Burrough’s  Tarzan  with presentations on the character’s influence on pop culture and the film The New Adventures of Tarzan.

You can find additional details about these and all of our programming at

The PulpFest dealer room will open for business beginning at 9 AM on Friday, August 10th. You can register early for what is typically a feeding frenzy as book and pulp collectors scour the room searching for this or that long elusive volume. All you have to do is arrive by Thursday evening at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and sign up for the convention from 6 PM – 9 PM.

Admission to the show is $15 per day or $35 for all three days, allowing entry to all convention activities. The general public is very much welcome to attend.

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Aug 082012

PulpFest 2012 will begin tomorrow, August 9th. Dealer set-up will take place from 4 PM to 11 PM. Early registration will begin at 6 PM at a location to be determined. Information will be available upon your arrival at the hotel.

To all of you who will be attending PulpFest, we look forward to seeing you. Please have a safe journey to Columbus.

Barry Traylor, Ed Hulse, Jack Cullers, and Mike Chomko–your PulpFest Organizing Committee.

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