Mar 052014
Julia Stiles To Topline TNT Drama Pilot ‘Guilt By Association’:

In the venn diagram of Marcia Clark, Julia Stiles, and Things That Could Be the Next Coming of Scandal, this pilot is in the middle. And I am waiting impatiently for it to be filmed.

Aug 202013

They’re at it again: bookstores have dropped the eBook price of Marcia Clark’s sensational legal thriller to just $2.99.

Guilt by Association is the first book to feature Los Angeles District Attorney Rachel Knight, and if you haven’t met this force of nature, you’re in for a treat. Download it now:

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Jul 222013

Houston, you make me jealous. Last Friday night, Houston’s Murder by the Book hosted a joint event with Jeff Abbott and Marcia Clark. Abbott discussed his new suspense novel, Downfall, and Clark talked about her new DA Rachel Knight mystery, Killer Ambition. Anyone who left the store with both books has probably spent all weekend racing through the pages of these thrillers.

Jun 182013
Bookish: Is it inevitable that extensive media coverage in a big trial will affect the case itself, or do you think it's possible for a court case to remain "pure" even though everybody's talking about it?
Marcia Clark: Impossible.
Bookish: Impossible?
Marcia Clark: I do think it's impossible. You have constant commentary, and everybody's being scrutinized; everybody's talking about it endlessly. And that kind of attention changes the way the lawyers act, it changes the way the witnesses act. Everybody's aware of the focus [on them]. So you can never say it has no impact.

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