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Apr 092014
“We’ve ceded a lot of power and authority to the CIA, the NSA, the FBI all of those three-letter agencies, and I thought it would be incredibly easy for one such agency to basically go off the reservation and start doing whatever they wanted to do and not taking orders from anyone and if this agency was in the world of covert operations, then there would be no means of oversight.”

- Marc Guggenheim describes how he arrived at the premise of his forthcoming novel, Overwatch.
Apr 032014

Yesterday I told Joe Lansdale that he must be the most productive person in the world. Not only has he written somewhere north of 40 novels, but he also emailed me a clip from the animated movie Son of Batman, for which he’s the screenwriter. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as his in-addition-to-writing-novels career goes.

That irrepressible talent must run in the family, because I read that his daughter, Kasey Lansdale, has just been selected as the Country Music Association’s artist of the month. Read her debut spotlight here.

When Mulholland Books released Joe’s novel, Edge of Dark Water, in paperback last year, Kasey graciously recorded an accompanying song, which you can stream here.

To better understand how the Lansdales, père et fille, keep their wells of creativity full, listen to their interview with The Library Police.

(Photo courtesy of Joe O’Connell)

Mar 282014

At first I wondered why Michael Robotham chose to write a clinical psychologist into the “detective role” in his Joseph O’Loughlin series. Then I read a passage in which Joe sized up a man in the exact manner in which Sherlock assesses his potential clients, and it dawned on me: a great detective can read people, and no one reads people better than a psychologist. 

For more on the subject, watch this video.

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